A web-based intervention to reduce distress and improve quality of life among younger women with breast cancer: a randominsed controlled trial (RCT)

Lead researcher

Victoria White (CBRC); Mariko Carey (CBRC); David Hill (Cancer Council Victoria); Caroline Nehuill (National Breast & Ovarian Cancer Centre); Meron Pitcher (Western Hospital)

Years funded
2009 - 2011

This study focuses on young women with breast cancer and is examining whether access to a website containing information relevant to young women with breast cancer can help to improve their psychosocial adjustment to their disease. The specific aim of this project is to test the effectiveness of a web-based intervention addressing unmet psychosocial support needs to reduce anxiety and improve quality of life among younger breast cancer survivors in a randomised controlled trial.

The study employs an RCT design with young women who are within four months of their diagnosis, recruited through the Victorian Cancer Registry. Women will be randomised into the intervention or control group after completing the baseline questionnaire. Women in the intervention group will access a website that contains information about treatment, side effects of treatment, emotional responses to breast cancer, and effects of breast cancer treatment on fertility, including onset of early menopause. The study will examine the frequency of women visiting the website and will determine the type of information most commonly accessed.

Contact: Vicki White at cbrc@cancervic.org.au

Publications: There are currently no publications for this study.

Funding Body

Beyond Blue, National Breast Cancer Foundation and Cancer Australia