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Take your health into your own hands and choose the self-collection option to screen for cervical cancer

Did you know that you can now take your own cervical screening sample? The test is free, easy and reliable.

With the self-collection method you can take your own vaginal sample with a swab and without a speculum. The sample looks for HPV – finding HPV early is your best protection against cervical cancer. Self-collection is just as accurate at detecting HPV as a Cervical Screening Test taken by your doctor or nurse.

This test is done at the doctor’s or other health setting, usually in private behind a screen or in the bathroom.  It is painless, easy and reliable.

You may be currently eligible for self-collection if you:

  • are aged 30 years and over
  • are overdue for a Cervical Screening Test by two years or more
  • have no symptoms (like unexplained bleeding).

You can talk to your doctor or nurse about self-collection and find out if you are eligible.

Find a GP or Nurse Cervical Screening Provider near you

How to do the test in 4 simple steps


Step 1

  • Twist the red cap and pull out the swab
  • Look at the swab and note the red mark closest to the tip.

Step 2

  • Get in a comfortable position.
  • Insert the swab into your vagina, aiming to insert to the red mark.
It may be easier to use your other hand to hold the outer skin at the entrance of your vagina.

Step 3

  • Rotate the swab gently one to three times.
  • It should not hurt.

Step 4

  • Remove the swab and place back in the tube.



Download our postcard Choose the self-collection method to screen for cervical cancer

Is self-collection as accurate as a traditional Cervical Screening Test?

A self-collected test is just as effective at detecting HPV as a practitioner-collected Cervical Screening Test.

Your GP or Nurse Cervical Screening Provider will explain how to do the self-collected test. It is a simple, reliable test.

If you are interested in self-collection, it is important that you speak to your GP or Nurse Cervical Screening Provider about your eligibility.

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