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The gland in a woman that produces milk after pregnancy. Each breast consists of a number of lobes (divisions) which contain milk sacs where the milk is produced. The lobes are surrounded by fatty tissue. Milk ducts (small pipes) lead from the lobes and join together to form 15 or 20 larger ducts which carry milk to the nipple.

Breast Cancer

A cancer that starts in the breast tissue. Most breast cancers begin in the milk ducts: these are called intraductal cancers. A few, like lobular cancer, start in the milk sacs or lobes.

Breast conserving surgery

Surgery to remove part of the breast. Also called a lumpectomy.

Breast Implant

A silicone gel-filled or saline-filled sac placed under the chest muscle to restore breast shape.

Breast Reconstruction

The surgical rebuilding of a breast following mastectomy. This may be done at the time of the original mastectomy or some time later.

Breast Reduction

Reducing the size of the breast with surgical methods.

Breast Surgeon

A doctor who specialises in surgery to the breast including mastectomies and breast reconstruction.

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