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A legacy to the future of cancer research

For Maria, supporting cancer research is everything - she has witnessed too many friends and family dying from cancer.  

“In the last fifteen months I have been very closely affected by cancer in my family,” she says. “My beautiful sister was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.” 

While a team of doctors, nurses and specialists provided Maria’s sister with the best care and various treatments to extend her life, she eventually passed away. Maria said when standard treatment wasn’t working, her sister was provided with other options to extend her life, while ensuring she was comfortable. 

“These wonderful people could not have offered her alternate treatments if it wasn’t for the research conducted by all who have a vested interest in eradicating this disease – or at least making it more manageable and bearable for the patient,” said Maria.  

There is a common theme for people who choose to leave a gift to Cancer Council Victoria in their Will. While personal loss is a significant motivation, it is belief in the possibilities that can be unlocked through cancer research and prevention that drives our supporters to leave a bequest. 

Maria’s deep respect for the researchers working to find better treatments for all cancer types is evident. The prospect of finding solutions that will help people with cancer to “recover and have a wonderful life” is one that has inspired her to leave a gift in her Will that will have a significant impact on future generations. 

“In the last few years, I have been working with children who have had one form of cancer or another and are currently in remission. Their zest for life brings a smile to my face,” said Maria. 

“Cancer Council Victoria is important as they provide financial help to the wonderful scientists who research the best possible means to help all who are affected by cancer – patients, family, medical staff and the wider community.” 

A future free from cancer, imagine that. 

Make it real with a gift in your Will 
One in two people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer before 85. Like Maria, you too can change the future for those you care about by including a gift in your Will to Cancer Council Victoria.

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