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Venture Grants

The brightest minds. The boldest cancer research.

The Venture Grants research program is pushing the boundaries of cancer research with innovation and imagination.

Breakthroughs in treatment and prevention will take the brightest cancer researchers with courageous ideas who are willing to push the boundaries of conventional thinking. It will take new and creative approaches to new technologies and collaboration to build upon decades of cancer research. 

Launched in 2006, previous rounds of Venture Grants have been successful incubators of early research ideas, allowing projects to develop from proof of concept into mature projects eligible for conventional funding.

We are delighted to announce that round four of Venture Grants will launch later this year. By donating to the Venture Grants fund you will support four research teams embark on groundbreaking new cancer research.

Francine - Cancer Survivor

“One of the novel and exciting aspects of the Venture Grants program is the way that we work together over the course of the grants and can continue to interact, not only with the panel, but with donors and Cancer Council Victoria as the project progresses. There is this great feeling of everyone working together towards very exciting outcomes for cancer patients.” - Professor Roger Daly, Venture Grants round two researcher


Leave a message. Make a donation.

You can leave a message, make a donation, or both. When you donate in memory of your loved one, not only are you honouring their life, you’re helping others affected by cancer today and for generations to come.

Every donation $2 and over is tax-deductible.



Get in touch

Need an invoice or would like discuss donating via bank transfer or cheque? Have questions about the Venture Grants or Cancer Council? Please get in touch with our Partnerships Team via or 03 9514 6544.

If you are a researcher interested in applying for a Venture Grant,  click here to find out more about the application process.

“The Picchi Brothers Foundation Inc are committed to supporting the Cancer Council Venture Grants program. The Venture Grants projects assist innovative researchers with their courageous ideas that have the potential to revolutionise the way cancer is detected, treated and managed.

The Picchi Brothers Board members thoroughly enjoy their involvement in these exciting research programs that are at the forefront of high-risk, high-reward cancer research.”

Lyn Parkin
Picchi Brothers Foundation Inc.

"“Is it high-risk? Absolutely. Is it high-reward? Absolutely! Just think of what success will look like with the investment people will make in this program.”

Mark Cubit
Venture Grants supporter


Round 3 Venture Grants Researchers Round Three Venture Grants researchers

Latest news and impact

“True innovation in cancer therapy is high-risk endeavour. Without it, there is little realistic prospect that substantial advances in the understanding of cancer biology, which underpin all major advances in cancer treatment, can be made. Without high-risk, high-reward discovery research, one is left with only cautious, incremental change.”- Associate Professor Paul Ekert, Venture Grants round three researcher

Finding the secrets of cancer super survivors

An ambitious new project is studying a group of unique individuals who are seemingly immune to cancer. This could be the beginning of a whole new field of cancer research.

Children are manipulated by unhealth marketing

New research will identify how children are manipulated by unhealth marketing

A revolutionary new method to monitor how products that increase the risk of cancer are marketed to children, is one of five research projects newly funded.

Projects commencing in 2020

Introducing the five research teams newly funded by donors to the Venture Grants research program.

Venture Grants III launch at State Library

Round three of the Venture Grants research program at the Isabella Fraser room at the State Library Victoria.

Venture Grants II final research updates

Over three years, fours research teams pushed the boundaries of cancer research.