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1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85.
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Tarsh, 26

As a proud Palawa woman with ties to putalina, Tarsh joined this campaign after hearing many misconceptions about who should be getting cervical screening in the queer community.  

Tarsh reflects that many of her friends and family have had similar reactions to hearing about the self-collection option and feel excited that there is this new way to participate in cervical screening. 

“I think self-collection makes cervical screening less awkward and more comfortable. So many people I know are so relieved they can self-collect now.”

Tarsh visited her local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (ACCHO) for her Cervical Screening Test, as this was a safe, accessible place to get health advice. Her practitioner talked her through the test and what she could expect, which she found really helpful to make her feel comfortable. Find out more about ACCHOs including where you can find them across Victoria. 

Tarsh wants everyone with a cervix to feel comfortable and empowered to look after their health and participate in cervical screening. 

“Every five years, regardless of who you are, if you are 25-74 and have a cervix, it’s got to be on the list.” 

If you are due or overdue for a Cervical Screening Test, book in to speak to a doctor or specially trained nurse about your options, including self-collection. 

Just like Tarsh, we encourage you to recommend health providers that you have had a positive experience with to your network and help spread the word to get everyone with a cervix protected. 

Hear from the other ambassadors on their experiences with cervical screening. 

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