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Jen, 47

As a public health professional, Jen spends most of her day talking to people about health, but she realised that while she comfortably speaks about healthcare to colleagues, talking openly about her own experiences with cervical screening was something she hesitated about.  

Even with partners, cervical screening was something she didn’t share and would often put off having to get it done. She’s excited that self-collection is now an option for everyone that can help to make cervical screening easier. 

“This change is huge.  It means that for me, and everyone with a cervix, cervical screening has just gotten easier.  Now, we only have to do this test every 5 years and we can have a bit more control over how the sample is taken."

Jen joined the campaign after hearing this was an opportunity to spread the word through the LGBTIQ+ community about self-collection.  

“You have a choice, and it doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you choose to protect yourself against cervical cancer."

With self-collection, Jen is excited and optimistic that she can now visit any cervical screening provider who can offer self-collection and not have to go across town to her LGBTIQ+ friendly clinic and she hopes this will make cervical screening a little easier for others as well. 

"I want people who’ve never had a Cervical Screening Test to find about this new test."

If you are due or overdue for a Cervical Screening Test, book in to speak to a doctor or specially trained nurse about your options, including self-collection. 

Hear from the other ambassadors on their experiences with cervical screening. 

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