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Gabe, 39

Gabe wants everyone in the queer and gender diverse communities to know that if they have a cervix, cervical screening is for them.

“Cervical screening can feel really daunting, especially for queer and gender diverse folk and often it can get avoided. It’s really important that we have these conversations and make sure that nobody feels that cervical screening isn’t for them, because it is.

When it comes to his own cervical screening, he says that reading information about the test and how it will be done and bringing a support person to the appointment helps him to prepare.

With the introduction of self-collection, he's excited that everyone now has a choice in how they do the test

“Now that we have self-collection, people are given a sense of control and autonomy that they didn’t previously have with cervical screening.”

“Self-collection opens an incredible door of opportunity for myself and my community, I’m so thrilled that it’s here.”

Gabe encourages everyone in the LGBTIQ+ community to talk to their friends and family about cervical screening and the self-collection option and help them to get up-to-date.

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