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National Human Genome Project

Contains comprehensive information about the Human Genome Project, including genetic research, health, ethics, policies, education resources, careers, training and grants.

DNA from the beginning
An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes and hereditary.

Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) for the Discovery of Genes for Common Human Diseases
Contains details about the Gene CRC, human genetics, genetic issues and education resources, including a fun children’s section.

The Centre for Genetics Education
Contains publications and resources for health professionals, educators and individuals and family members affected by genetic conditions, including an online glossary.

Genetic Support Network of Victoria
Offers an information, support and advocacy network, including support groups.

Department of Human Services, Victoria
A gateway to information relating to the provision of health services in Victoria. The sites are developed and managed by the Department of Human Services, Victoria, its funded agencies and partnerships and special interest groups.

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