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It is important to us that our donors and supporters can see the impact and outcomes of their generosity. Every dollar you donate contributes to our mission to prevent cancer, empower patients and save lives.

How we spent our funds in 2021

In 2021, Cancer Council Victoria spent 78% of expenditure on cancer research, prevention programs and support services.

Cancer research
Cancer prevention
Cancer support
Fundraising costs


We spent $25.3 million on cancer research. 

We fund researchers working in hospitals, universities and medical institutions across Victoria. We also fund our own researchers here at Cancer Council Victoria, including behavioural scientists and epidemiologists who work at finding more about the causes of cancer and its prevention.

We spent $21.4 million on cancer prevention. 

We have a number of programs, such as Quit Victoria, SunSmart, LiveLighter, Rethink Sugary Drink and screening programs which educate the community about how they can cut their cancer risk by eating a healthy diet, being physically active, limiting alcohol, not smoking, being a healthy weight, and getting checked for cancers such as bowel and melanoma. We also sell sun protection items through our retail outlet.

We spent $7.2 million on providing reliable information and support to people living with cancer and those around them. 

Our cancer support services include Cancer Council 13 11 20, which helped about 10,000 people affected by cancer connect with a qualified cancer nurse to get information on cancer types, treatments or to be referred to other support services last year. We also house the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer which helps develop policy to use the law effectively for the prevention and control of cancer.

In total, we spent $53.9 million on cancer research, prevention and support services in 2021 - equalling 78% of our total expenditure for the year.

At Cancer Council Victoria we also recognise the importance of investing in systems and processes that ensure we remain an effective, transparent and well governed organisation. We take our commitment to spend your money responsibly seriously.

Every dollar you donate to Cancer Council Victoria contributes to the fight against cancer, including those dollars for administration that allow us to do the work we need to do.

In 2021, 21% of expenditure went towards our administration costs and enabled our fundraising work so that we can continue to have a real and tangible impact in the fight against cancer. 

Our fundraising activities also help us to communicate with the community about how to prevent cancer, how cancer patients can access our support programs and how people can participate in life saving cancer research. As our population ages and grows, so too will the number of people diagnosed with cancer in Victoria. By investing in innovation and long-term fundraising measures, we are ensuring that we can continue to fight cancer and support those affected well into the future. 

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