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1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85.
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Reaching our Strategic Plan Goals 2017 – 2021

Our mission: Prevent cancer. Empower patients. Save lives.

Between 2017-2021 we helped saved over 6,000 lives in Victoria through the prevention, screening and treatment of cancer.

Over the past four years we were able to:

Goal 1: Implement powerful cancer prevention programs for major cancer risk factors: tobacco, UV, diet, obesity and alcohol.

  • Successfully defended tobacco plain packaging with a series of judgements both here and world-wide in favour of plain packaging legislation.
  • Our Quit program has led the reduction in the adult daily smoking rate which is now below 13% - we still have work to do in reducing smoking in the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community.
  • Developed, implemented and evaluated world-leading behavioural change campaigns for our prevention messaging including bowel, tobacco, UV and obesity.
  • Awareness of obesity as a risk factor is increasing and we are on track to meet our target of 83% of people knowing that it is a factor in cancer.
  • Increased the number of Victorians (aged 14-69) using SPF15+ sunscreen from 37% to 44%, exceeding our target of 41%. The rates of melanoma in the generations who have grown up with SunSmart have decreased.
  • Implemented economic evaluation in our campaigns, finding that those such as SunSmart and bowel screening campaigns not only save lives, but also significantly reduce health costs to Government.

Goal 2: Mobilise community participation in cancer screening and immunisation programs.

  • Developed and implemented successful bowel cancer screening campaigns – this resulted in the Federal Government then funding a nation-wide campaign. These campaigns have prevented hundreds of cancers and saved hundreds of lives thanks to early detection.
  • Our campaigns have contributed to bowel screening participation increasing in Victoria from 41.9% to 45.2%. Our goal is to have 50% participation.
  • Our campaigns in 2017 & 2018 led to more than 20,000 extra bowel screening kits being returned and hundreds of lives saved.
  • Worked together with priority population communities to develop culturally appropriate resources and messaging to increase participation in screening.
  • Worked with our partners to establish the foundations for a new ambitious plan: to eliminate cervical cancer in Victoria by 2030.

Goal 3: Empower patients by delivering dynamic, credible information and compassionate support.

  • Our cancer nurses have responded to 40,000 calls and emails via our 13 11 20 information and support service.
  • We have made submissions to Government and advocated on behalf of patients and carers on issues including palliative care, assisted dying and legalised marijuana.
  • Consulted widely with patients, carers and clinicians to inform our submission to the Victorian Government’s Cancer Plan to save lives and reduce the impact of cancer.

Goal 4: Maximise the impact of cancer research and cancer data.

  • Funded over 40 research projects each year led by Victoria’s best and brightest researchers taking place in universities, research institutions and hospitals.
  • Continued to produce the world’s most timely cancer incidence and mortality data through the Victorian Cancer Registry.
  • Committed to increase the capacity of the research sector to find urgently needed treatments for low survival cancers, through funding and advocacy. We have funded 10 projects worth $3 million+.
  • Recruited 50,000+ Australians to the Australian Breakthrough Cancer (ABC) study, to give biological samples and share health information over several decades. This world-class resource will enable us to better understand what causes cancer so that we can more effectively prevent it.