Walk 21km into the night towards a cancer free future

Buy a pin this Daffodil Day

Monday 14 August, 2017


Over the past three decades, there have been significant advancements in our understanding of cancer, its early detection and treatment, thanks to the support of the Victorian community. Strides have also been made in educating people about how they can reduce their cancer risk. Adult daily smoking rates in Victoria are now below 13 per cent thanks in part to the work of Quit Victoria, while melanoma rates are decreasing, particularly amongst the generation who have grown up with SunSmart messages.

This has all led to improving five-year survival rates, which are up 20 percent to 67 per cent, in the last two decades.

Still, more needs to be done if we want to achieve a cancer-free future. That’s why on 25 August, we’re asking you to buy a pin, a Dougal bear or fresh daffodils (available at selected sites). If you can’t get to a site, donate for someone you know via daffodilday.com.au.

Together, we can prevent cancer, empower patients and save lives.

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