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A/Prof Brigid Lynch

A/Prof Brigid Lynch

Deputy Head of Cancer Epidemiology Division

BSc, MScs Comm, PhD

Brigid is a cancer epidemiologist whose research focuses on how physical activity and sedentary behaviour are associated with cancer risk,  and health outcomes for cancer survivors. Her research interests include furthering our understanding the biological mechanisms underlying these associations and applying causal inference methods to epidemiological studies of physical activity and sedentary behaviour.

Brigid leads the Australian Breakthrough Cancer Study’s Accelerometer Sub-Study, which has collected accelerometer data from ~4,000 adults to better characterise patterns of sleep, sedentary behaviour and physical activity, and investigate their associations with chronic disease. She is also involved in analyses of the  Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study and leads the research project  How does physical activity reduce the risk of breast cancer? funded by the World Cancer Research Fund.

Cancer Epidemiology Division