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Program profile: Financial assistance program

Tuesday 13 March, 2018

With an aim to enable delivery of a robust and sustainable Financial Assistance Program, a number of changes in procedures have been made as a result of an extensive review conducted in 2017. The revisions to the program centre on the concept of building a person’s financial resilience by increasing their understanding about the range of financial support available to them. These changes aim to provide a tailored approach for each client utilising the information provided regarding their current situation that covers both immediate and longer-term support.

From January 2018, there will be streamlining of the referral pathways and greater support for those discussing practical support options for clients with cancer. We have also developed clearer eligibility criteria and support guidelines for referrers. Other changes include:

  • Referrals to the financial assistance program will all now be assessed by the practical support team at Cancer Council Victoria or a designated health professional with the cancer treatment centre.
  • Change in the communications with clients around access to the Financial Assistance Program.
  • Those who refer clients for consideration of financial assistance will need to complete a discussion and review of the revised guidelines with Sara Bunnett prior to commencement.

What does this mean for you?

  • Make contact with Sara Bunnett if you have not already done so.
  • Cease using the current Financial Assistance Program Verification Form 2016.
  • Have a copy of the eligibility criteria and support guidelines for referrers.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact Sara Bunnett on 03 9514 6313 or


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