Patient stories to assist participation in cancer clinical trials

Wednesday 23 May, 2018

The Promotion and Awareness of Cancer Clinical Trials project funded by the Ian Potter Foundation aims to increase awareness and access to clinical trials in Victoria, by improving the accessibility of an online portal known as the Victorian Cancer Trials Link. The website was revised last year following an extensive review with input from patients and health professionals sharing their own experiences. This has improved functionality in providing information on current clinical trials open in Victoria, as well as general cancer clinical trials resources.

We have now launched a suite of short videos that follow the individual experience of four different clinical trial participants. Each video focuses on their cancer experience, in particular, their participation in a cancer clinical trial. These videos can help normalise clinical trial participation for patients and support them in their decision to pursue this treatment option, by looking into the lived experiences of participating in a clinical trial.

The videos are housed the VCTL website as a permanent resource for you to share.

Trial Connect

A free one-to-one telephone support program to connect people considering participating in a clinical trial with someone who has previously been through this experience. It provides an opportunity for patients to discuss their concerns about participation and gain a better understanding of what to expect. Trial Connect volunteers are unable to comment on specific trials or outcomes and all conversations are confidential.


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