Cervical screening is the ultimate act of self-care

If you’re aged 25 to 74, and have a cervix, you need to have a Cervical Screening Test every five years.

Unfortunately, over half of eligible Victorians aged 25 to 34 are missing out on lifesaving cervical screening. You don’t have to be old to get cervical cancer; cervical screening is the best way to protect yourself and look after your health for the future.

The information on this website will prepare you for cervical screening, to make sure you are ready for your test.

Your body, your choice. You can book a Cervical Screening Test with other health professionals who do cervical screening. Visit our directory of cervical screening providers across Victoria to find one that meets your needs.

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“I was in shock. I thought at 29 that I was too young to get cervical cancer.”
– Casey, aged 31.

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Casey: I was in shock. I thought at 29 I was too young to get cervical cancer.


Cervical screening starts at age 25

How cervical screening protects against cervical cancer.

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Cervical screening stories

Hear from real experiences.

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Understanding your results and what happens next

Cervical screening results explained.

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Choose your cervical screening provider

An interactive directory to help meet your needs.

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Self-collected cervical screening

You may be eligible for HPV self-collection – DIY cervical screening.

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At Your Cervix podcast

A podcast to equip you with all the knowledge about cervical screening.

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For health professionals

Resources to encourage conversations about cervical screening.

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Campaign content hub

Social media and email content to share across your channels. 

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