Cancer Council Research Project Grants

This page is hosted by Cancer Council Victoria on behalf of Cancer Council Australia.

Applications to all State Cancer Councils comprise:

  • the NHMRC RGMS application, which is to be submitted to the NHMRC in accordance with their guidelines, and
  • the Supplementary Questions document, which is to be submitted by your institution's RAO as a PDF file to the National Cancer Research Grants Secretariat (


  • In order for NHMRC to pass on application data to the Cancer Councils, applicants need to select " Cancer Council" as one of the funding options in RGMS.
  • Applicants must adhere to NHMRC formatting rules for the NHMRC components of the application

On this page: Background | How to apply | Supplementary questions | Eligibility criteria | Key dates | Links to State Cancer Councils

Applications open:

10 January 2018

Closing date:

14 March 2018 (NHMRC RGMS application)

16 March 2018 (Supplementary Questions)


All cancer research grant applications will be assessed and ranked via the NHMRC Project Grant process. Applications will be allocated to Grant Review Panels (GRPs) based on the Field of Research selected by applicants.

Please note: While all cancer research grant applications will be assessed via the NHMRC process, the Cancer Councils will continue to make the funding decisions, as is current practice.


The National Cancer Research Grants Secretariat is hosted by Cancer Council Victoria on behalf of Cancer Council Australia. The Secretariat is the link between the NHMRC and the Cancer Councils.

How to apply

Visit the NHMRC website for information about applying and for access to RGMS.

A number of options will be available in RGMS (see Part B \ Funding Organisation) for choosing which funding body (or bodies) your application is to be submitted to.

In addition to the RGMS application you will need to complete a set of Supplementary Questions that your RAO will email to the National Cancer Research Grants Secretariat (

Supplementary questions

The Supplementary Questions document identifies which Cancer Council you are submitting your application to for funding consideration and seeks information specific to Cancer Council applications.

The Supplementary Questions won't be available to the NHMRC Grant Review Panels (GRPs) but will be for the exclusive use of the Cancer Councils to help with their funding decisions. Applicants are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines of the Cancer Council they're applying to. See bottom of webpage for contact information and websites.

Some Cancer Councils have priority research areas or state-specific criteria, which will be identified on their websites. Please address these in the Supplementary Questions document.

Please note: Cancer Council NSW requires its applicants to complete a Consumer Review Form found on its website. Please follow the Cancer Council NSW directions for return of this form (submitted directly to Cancer Council NSW).

Please note: Cancer Council WA requires its applicants to complete the Community Criteria form.  For further information, and to download this form please visit the Cancer Council WA website.

 The Supplementary Questions document is also available on request from

Eligibility criteria and guidelines for applicants

Applicants ineligible to apply for NHMRC Project Grant funding are still entitled to apply via the NHMRC process for Cancer Council funding.

Applicants need to adhere to the state Cancer Council eligibility criteria as well as that of the NHMRC, if you are applying for funding from both organisations. These are available on their respective websites.

There are variations in both the amount and duration of funding offered by the Cancer Councils. See below for a snapshot of what's offered.

Cancer Council

No. of Years

Amount (maximum per year)

Cancer Council ACT

1 year 


Cancer Council NSW

1 - 3 years


Cancer Council Queensland

1 - 2 years


Cancer Council South Australia / SAHMRI

generally for 1 year

up to $100,000

Cancer Council Victoria

1 - 3 years


Cancer Council Western Australia Inc

1 - 2 years


Key Dates for Cancer Council project grants review process 2018

10 January 2018

NHMRC Project Grant process opens
Cancer Councils advertise that the application process is now open

14 March 2018

Closing date for applications to the NHMRC. Some institutions may have an earlier closing date for submission to their Research Office.

16 March 2018

Closing date for submission of Supplementary Questions to the National Cancer Research Grants Secretariat.

May 2018

NHMRC will forward copies of Applications to National Cancer Research Grants Secretariat for distribution to Cancer Councils

May/June 2018

Assessment of applications via the NHMRC assessment process

June/July 2018

Applicants will be given one week to respond to the Grant Review Panel questions and the external peer assessments

Aug/Sep 2018

Grant Review Panels meet to rank applications

Sept/Oct 2018

NHMRC will provide the National Cancer Research Grants Secretariat with ranking information for distribution to Cancer Councils

October 2018

Applicants advised of NHMRC funding outcomes

Oct/Nov 2018

Cancer Council Research Committee meetings

Nov/Dec 2018

Cancer Councils advise applicants of funding outcomes

Further information is available from either the Cancer Council/NHMRC Liaison Officer (National Cancer Research Grants Secretariat) or from your local funding body.

Click on the links below to go to the relevant State Cancer Council's research page.

Cancer Council/NHMRC Liaison Officer
Rebecca Peart
Tel: 03 9514 6330

Cancer Council ACT
Kate Aigner
Tel: 02 6257 9999

Cancer Council NSW
John Williams
Tel: 02 9334 1993

Cancer Council Queensland
Research Grants Officer
Tel: 07 3634 5309

Cancer Council South Australia  via SAHMRI
Katrina Hanna
Tel: 08 8128 4001

Cancer Council Victoria
Rebecca Peart 
Tel: 03 9514 6330

Cancer Council Western Australia
Anna Nankivell
Tel: 08 9388 4354

For enquiries about the NHMRC application process contact the NHMRC's Research Help Centre on 1800 500 983 or email