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We offer a range of free information resources for people wanting to prevent, understand or manage the impact of cancer. These resources are developed in consultation with health professionals, topic experts and those affected by cancer and are reviewed regularly. We offer information in a variety of languages.

Resources are available to be ordered or as a downloadable PDF. Please feel free to share our resources with family, friends and colleagues.

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  1. Search for resources by topic i.e. cancer type.
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  3. Choose the type of resource if you are looking for a particular type i.e. booklet.
  4. Enter the number of copies you would like. If you would like more than the maximum amount, make a note in the Comments box that is at the bottom of the Delivery details page. We will fulfil this request whenever possible.
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Latest resources

Cancer Services guide

A guide on cancer services to support victorians affected by cancer.



This fact sheet has been prepared to help you understand more about immunotherapy, a treatment offered to some people with cancer.



This fact sheet has been prepared to help you understand more about secondary lymphoedema, a possible side effect of cancer treatments.