Collaborative projects

Collaboration is basic to the Cancer Epidemiology& Intelligence Division's philosophy and essential to achieving its aims. It's the vehicle for new initiatives, both in scientific and infrastructure support, by which we'll be able to acquire new knowledge for cancer control.

Collaboration is also the best way to help researchers working on other chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

If you're a researcher interested in using CEID resources for collaboration, see the PEDIGREE website for more information.

HealthIron: epidemiology of hereditary haemochromatosis

Gertig D, Allen K, Anderson G, Bahlo M, Bassett M, Delatycki M, Du Sart D, English D, Forrest S, Giles G, Hodge A, Hopper J, Mclaren C, Olynyk J, Powell L, Southey M, Vulpe C

The contribution of smoking to socio-economic differentials in mortality among Australian men

Mohammad Siahpush*, Dallas English (*Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer)

Dietary intake of electrolytes & relationship to blood pressure

Nowson C, Huggins K, O'Reilly S, Giles G, English D

The association of alcohol & HRT with breast cancer risk in the MCCS

Gertig, D., Erbas, B., Hopper, J., Giles, G., English, D.

Affect & anger control & risk of cancer

Vicki White (Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer), Ron Borland (VicHealth Centre for Tobacco Control), Graham Giles, Dallas English

The relationship between tobacco use & plasma lipoprotein sub-class particle size & concentration as determined by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Beauchamp, A., Tonkin, A., Peeters, A., Wolfe, R., Turrell, G., Harriss, L., Giles, G., English, D. and Jenkins, A.

Healthy ageing

John McCallum**, Allison Hodge, Graham Giles, Dallas English, Leon Flicker*, John Hopper* (*External collaborators **Project leader)

Genetic polymorphisms & the risk of lung cancer

Abramson M and Zhang B (Monash Univ.), English DR, Severi G

The effect of physical activity in preventing osteoarthritis

Cicuttini F (Monash Univ), English DR, Giles GG

Helicobacter pylori infection & risk of gastric cancer

Forman D*, Turner F*, Barrett J*, Giles G, English D, Gengos M*, Mitchell H* (* External collaborators)

The weight of modernity: mitigating obesity

Broom D**, Dixon J*, Banwell C*, Forth C*, Graham Giles (* External collaborators ** Project leader)

Predictors of cardiovascular disease mortality in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

Kerin O'Dea*, Graham Giles, Allison Hodge, Andrew Sinclair*, Kevin Rowley*, David O'Neal*, Andrew Tonkin*, Dianna Magliano* (*External collaborators)

(APCSC) Asia Pacific Cohort Studies Collaboration

Australia - Graham Giles, Mark Woodward (External collaborator and Project Leader)

Risk factors for age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Luba Robman*, Robyn Guymer*, Graham Giles, Dallas English (* External collaborators)

Retinal arteriolar signs & cardiovascular disease (CVD) in an Australian cohort

Tien Wong**, Andrew Tonkin*, Graham Giles, Dallas English (* External collaborators ** Project leader)

Glutathione peroxidase 1 & cardiovascular events in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

Andrew Tonkin**, John McNeil*, Graham Giles (* External collaborators ** Project leader)

A randomised trial assessing a shade development intervention in secondary schools for adolescent skin cancer prevention

Dobbinson S*, Wakefield M*, English D, White V*, Livingston T*, Simpson J (* Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer)

Melanoma diagnosis & the effect of screening on depth of invasion of melanoma

Joanne Aitken*, Mark Elwood*, Dallas English (*External collaborators


Dallas English, Elizabeth Milne*, Donna Cross*, Billie Giles-Corti*, Robyn Johnston* (* External collaborators)

Updated: 14 Jun, 2017