Biomedical grants

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Biomedical research is mainly scientific laboratory work conducted in universities, hospitals and medical research institutes.

We support over 90 biomedical researchers with grants, fellowships and scholarships. Our Research Governance Unit coordinates funding selection with independent advice from our Medical and Scientific Committee and Executive Committee, ensuring the best research is funded.

We also support the Victorian Cancer Biobank.

Projects funded for 2015

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Application processes

Closing dates

Grants-in-aid applications  OPEN
Our grants-in-aid program funds research in Victorian universities, hospitals and medical research institutes.

16 March 2016 (NHMRC RGMS)

18 March 2016 (Supplementary Questions)  

Lyall Watts Mesothelioma Research Grant   OPEN
Funding for mesothelioma research in Victorian universities, hospitals and medical research institutes.

31 March 2016    

Postdoctoral fellowships   OPEN    
For recent Victorian PhD graduates to do an extra year of research on their thesis topics. 

7 April 2016

Postgraduate scholarships
Chance for medicine or science graduates to pursue full-time PhD or MD. 

Not available in 2015

Summer vacation studentships
We offer places to undergraduates to stimulate interest in cancer research.  


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Archive of projects funded back to 1953.

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Fund a research award

Since 1980 we've offered the chance to fund specific cancer research.

Updated: 05 Feb, 2016