Our beautiful Mum!

Thursday 11 February, 2010 by Angel One

Passed away Dec 22nd 2008 - a day that will be embedded in our memory forever. This inspirational, courageous woman and her matter of fact nature took it all in her stride - cancer of the tongue.

Mum endured all the treatments and didn't blink an eye at what was happening - on with the show.

Cancer is such hideous disease that has been around for centuries - to experience a loved one going through the journey that took in so much suffering ... and for Mum to keep her sense of humor was just unbelievable - the spirit of that woman!

Worse for her family looking after her at home ... emotional rollercoaster ride.

If you cried in front of Mum, 'What are your crying for?' she would say. You saved your tears for later.

Anniversary closing in, has been a long year without our best friend to confide in, but have taken Mum's advice - you just have to move on, no matter how hard life gets. Mum would be happy we're taking her advice. So the memories live on. Live each day as it comes, you never know when the clock of life stops.

Always loved, memories never fade.

It can be devastating when someone you know dies from cancer. Many people find it very difficult to cope with. They say it can help to talk to someone about their feelings of loss and grief. If you have had to deal with someone you know dying from cancer you may find it helpful to call the Cancer Helpline on 13 11 29 and speak with one of our cancer nurses.

Updated: 11 Feb, 2010