Bowel cancer & the misery room

Monday 19 October, 2009 by clair

I had bowel cancer removed in 2003 and am thankful to all the medical team I am all clear, but no-one told or explained to me that there could, or might, be ongoing problems.

So 6 years on I'm constantly in the misery room that's my loo. I've tried changing my diet so many times - nothing seems to work. I can't eat many things that I used to eat (e.g. most fruits, anything spicey, yoghurt, ice-cream). I eat a lot of rice and mince meat made in many different ways.

I get so very deppressed and very tired when I have 2 or 3 days in the misery room. Are there other post bowel cancer survivors out there that have had this same problem after bowel cancer?

I take immodium tabs - maybe 3 to 6 a day. Some days they help some days they don't. My bowel rules my life. I can't go anywhere without planning where toilets are just in case I need one.

It might sound funny - ha ha - to most people, but beleive me it's sheer misery. You can talk to healthy people about it but they don't really understand. And I'm yet to meet and talk to anyone with the same problem. Maybe we could exchange eating habits that would help, or just to have the support from someone who knows what I'm going through first hand.

I live on my own with my little dog. I have 2 married sons with familes and busy lives. They all know what I go through as I have missed out on a lot of family functions. But I really don't think they realise the enormity of it all.

Thank you to anyone that reads this.

Editor's note: The Cancer Connect phone peer support program is a fantastic resource for those wanting to connect with others who've been through a similar cancer experience.

The Cancer Connections forums and discussion boards are another great tool for sharing experiences.

Updated: 19 Oct, 2009