He would be so proud of her

Friday 16 October, 2009 by dorothy

My partner had lymphatic cancer in 1993. My daughter was 18 months old.

It started with a lousy pain in the kidney area and turned out to be lymphatic cancer. He had a testical removed on Anzac day. It was not a fun day. We did not know if he could still father children, it would take 2 years to find out.

I looked after him for 2 years. Ron died in March 1995.

I look at my daughter. I know she can be a pain but Ron would be so proud of her because I know I am.

My daughter started kinder in Febuary, 1996, school in 1997. Now she's almost finished year 12. I thank God he had life insurance to pay the house but I would give the money back if I could talk to him again.

Updated: 16 Oct, 2009