Mum, I'll always love you and miss you

Friday 16 October, 2009 by Neha

I write this story of a lady who spent her whole life looking out for the welfare of her family and children. She's my mum.

I lost my mum 2 years after I arrived in Melbourne. My mum sufferred from bowel cancer. I came to know about this when I was in year 12. We are 3 brothers and sisters and my younger brother was just 10 years old when we came to know about my mum's ill health.

She always had pains in her stomach but because of my year 12 exams she was avoiding seeing a doctor. At that time we were all unaware of this deadly disease. My mum was a very strong lady, with strong will power and was always smiling. She fought with this disease for 5 years and she went through surgery 4 times.

At that time I was in my country but my mum always wanted me to go to Australia and study Biotechnoloy and help those people who are sufferring from cancer. I arrived Melbourne in June 2007 and after one month I heard that my mum was no more. At that time I was alone here as no-one was with me to support me, but I always rememberred my mum's words to "try to help those who are sufferring from this disease".

I finished my studies in Bioinformatics as my mum had dreamed of me working in Cancer services. In my whole life I have never seen any lady who was as strong like my mum. Mum, I always love you and miss you in every step of my life.

Updated: 16 Oct, 2009