Stick to short stories - don't buy novels

Tuesday 8 September, 2009 by KERRY

At 14 I had lymphoma, sarcoma and had a large tumour removed from my neck then lots and lots of radiation and heaps of chemo.

My hair fell out. In those days no-one told you what was going to happen. I was sure I was just going bald! The chemo was so bad I was sick every day.

Then I'd go into Peter Mac once a week for my radiation. My doctor was a great man. My recollection of that time is a bit vague given the treatment.

After many visits to Peter Mac over quite some years, the Dr said 'You do not have to come here anymore.'

I said, 'Am I OK now?'

He said, 'My advice is stick to short Stories - don't buy novels.'

That was his idea of humour. He was a great doctor and as I am just about to turn 62 and still alive and very well. It just proves that cancer can be beaten.

Updated: 08 Sep, 2009