What a blessing in disguise!

Tuesday 24 June, 2008 by HEATHER

Each morning I greet the day at the break of dawn, and ponder at the miracle, of the sky's colour as I walk along the foreshore watching the sun rise to its many splendid changes. The calm reflections of the water with slightest ripple around the boats. Sea birds taking to wing. At a minute before the sun rises the cold fresh air on my face as I stand on the pier with tears of jubilation streaming from complete happiness, all of my senses heightened as I view the changing colours, the sky and sea turn blood red today.

What blessing shall I receive tomorrow? I also take my small digital camera with me. I have produced 3 books with 150 photos each of my morning walks at Rhyll that are displayed in our library at Phillip Island. I am blessed that I was cured of my cervical cancer 5 years ago but because of my ongoing bowel problems, mornings are the best time of day - my blessings in disguise.

Updated: 24 Jun, 2008