A trying time

Wednesday 25 June, 2008 by Ibolya

Nearly 8 years ago I was diagnosed with a right orbital sphenoid wing meningioma. Throughout the years I endured 3 craniotomies, 1 x 28 doses of IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy) and a stereotactic radiosurgery.

Unfortunately due to its location, it cannot be totally removed as it involves the cavernous sinus, carotid artery, numerous important nerves, facial muscles and sphenoid bone.

I have already lost most sight in the right eye and total hearing on the right side. I could count my lucky stars for not dealing with cancer as my meningioma is a benign braintumor. It is still a greatly trying time for me living and dealing with this condition on permanent basis.

Updated: 25 Jun, 2008