The most proud mum in the world

Wednesday 25 July, 2007 by Bridie

Go back to 1974, and my daughter was diagnosed with ALL and given a 50/50 chance to survive 5 years.

In 1977 my son diagnosed with ALL and we were told he would possibly not see the year out.

They are now 37 and 34 respectively - both with very good jobs. Their lives, and that of my husband and I, have been traumatic, as there was NEVER any help available for us or the children and over the years numerous health problems have arisen for them.

My son 2 years ago had a brain tumour removed and my daughter has just been diagnosed with one. So she also faces this horrific operation.

They are the most beautiful adults and I am the most proud mum in the world, knowing what we have all been through, I only wish they could have some recognition, as they were the trailblazers for the wonderful success rate achieved with Leukaemia.


Updated: 25 Jul, 2007