Trish faces surgery

Monday 6 August, 2007 by trish

I was 30 and travelling around Australia when I had a seizure whilst camping at Fraser Island, not an ideal location!

After getting scans done, we continued travelling once I recovered and finally saw a neurosurgeon in Townsville where I was diagnosed as having a possible benign low grade glioma. I then had the choice to have surgery to get it removed or have yearly MRIs to track its progress. 

I chose the latter due to the risks involved with surgery, and thought that if I could put off surgery for a few more years there could be advances in surgical techniques making it less invasive and more successful. Eventually on our 3rd yearly visit for my MRI we were informed that the tumour was growing and I was booked in for surgery the next week.

We both stopped work that day and spent the rest of the week doing things together like horseriding and going for drives, it was a strange week, I felt like a warrior going to battle! I came through the surgery no problems, had 6 months chemo and then 7 weeks radiation. I am now 2 years down the track and having MRI's every 4 months - so far so good.

Updated: 06 Aug, 2007