Statistics & data

We provide access to cancer data and statistics, for improved cancer control, in various forms.

Online cancer statistics

Interactive statistics and graphs

This website shows summary statistics (from 1982-2015) about cancer incidence and mortality in Victoria in a variety of aggregated figures, tables and graph formats.

Victorian Cancer incidence by local government area


VCR publications

We pride ourselves on the timely publication of cancer information. See our VCR publications page to download our annual Statistics & Trends or publications as well as monographs on survival and cancer risk and our Facts Sheets on selected cancer topics. 


Australian cancer statistics

Cancer in Australia: An Overview 2017

This publication includes Victorian data contributed by the VCR and provides a comprehensive overview of Australian cancer statistics including up-to-date data on population-level cancer incidence and mortality, survival, and prevalence; individual types of cancers; cancer burden; hospitalisation rates; and national cancer screening programs.

International cancer statistics


This website enables access to databases with global cancer statistics. The VCR has contributed data to the Cancer Incidence in Five Continents (CI5) series and CI5plus.

Contact our Victorian Cancer Registry for more on cancer statistics and data.