PEDIGREE (Pathology, Epidemiology, DNA, Informatics & Genetics: a Research Enabling Enterprise) is a resource of 100,000 people, 20,000 cancer families, 1,000,000 bio-specimens, data, researchers and community representatives established to conduct collaborative research on cancer. It provides a research platform for studying the genetic and environmental causes of some of the common cancers that affect Australians, using novel population-based family designs, complemented by multiple-case families ascertained through clinics and/or the community.

It brings together facilities with similar purposes across the nation and has existing ties to international research consortia.

It's accessible, in collaboration, to scientifically meritorious and ethically approved Australian and international research proposals. It's supported by several major institutions and has a transparent, accountable and adaptable governance system.

PEDIGREE governs the use of resources from CEC and the breast and colon cancer family registers.

  • Health 2020/The Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study
  • The Australian Prostate Cancer Family Register (APCFR)
  • The Australian Breast Cancer Family Registry (ABCFR)
  • The Australasian Colorectal Cancer Family Register (ACCFR)

If you're a researcher interested in collaborating with PEDIGREE, or want to know what the data is used for in more detail, visit the PEDIGREE website.

Updated: 05 Aug, 2014