Skin cancer prevention research & evaluation

Research areas

Monitoring and explaining trends in sun protection and sunburn

Since the late 1980's, our Victorian Sun survey and Sun Observation survey have monitored population exchange in weekend sun protection attitudes and behaviours.  The Study methods permit examination of time trends in the prevalence of sun protections behaviours and sunburn, after adjusting for temperature, UV levels and other weather variables. These studies also provide an assessment of the population-based effects of the SunSmart program, other media and policy changes, on sun protection behaviour.  

Current Research

Environmental interventions for skin cancer prevention

Current Research

Solarium studies

This research program has included telephone and in-person visits of confederates to monitor compliance with solarium access and safety in 2003 and 2009; monitoring of solaria centres listed in the telephone Yellow Pages; and public perceptions of solarium safety. 

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SunSmart media campaign evaluations

This research program conducts pre-testing and evaluation of the performance of SunSmart media campaigns

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Awareness of UV levels and associated education efforts

Current Research

High risk groups

This research program undertakes descriptive studies of population groups at higher risk of skin cancer, including farmers, outdoor workers, lifesavers, transplant recipients and outdoor sporting participants.  This also includes audits of policy on sun protection in key organisational groups. 

Program evaluations for SunSmart

The Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer conducts selected program evaluations for SunSmart, including evaluations of health professional education and training programs and workshops.