Obesity prevention research & evaluation

Population monitoring

Our research in this area is focused on measuring the distribution and frequency of overweight and obesity, physical activity and dietary behaviour in selected population sub-groups in Australia.  We also monitor individual predispositions and external factors that may influence people's body weight, diet and physical activity.

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Program evaluation and social marketing

Our research in this area focuses on assessing public responses to interventions aimed at promoting health protective behaviour and reducing risk factors for obesity-related cancers in target populations.

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Food marketing and labelling

Food marketing refers to commercial processes involved in promoting, selling and distributing food products and services.  Our research in this area is focused on assessing consumer responses to specific forms of food industry marketing. Our food labelling research is focused on determining which food labelling formats are most helpful in assisting consumers to make healthy and informed choices about the foods they buy and eat

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Public opinion research

Our research in this area is concerned with monitoring and aggregating public attitudes and beliefs relevant to obesity prevention.  Such information is helpful in communicating prominent community views and concerns to decision makers.

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Updated: 28 Oct, 2015