Cancer Council Victoria's Clinical Network (formerly the Victorian Cooperative Oncology Group or VCOG) was established in 1976. Membership consists of oncologists, surgeons and allied health professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to meet and promote a range of cooperative measures to optimise cancer management in Victoria.

Our Mission is to support the cancer clinical community to improve clinical care and patient outcomes for all Victorians affected by cancer.

Our Strategic goals are:

  • The promotion of best-practice, evidence-based cancer care.
  • To advocate for improvements in treatment and support.
  • To support and improve clinical trial activity within Victoria.


Who does it consist of?

It involves over 650 specialist health care professionals and consists of a broad, state-wide representative committee, an executive committee and 16 cancer-site and task-specific advisory sub-committees. 

The current Executive Committee Chair is Associate Professor Jeremy Millar, Radiation Oncologist at Alfred Health. The committees are supported by a team consisting of:

  • Acting Manager (Programs Coordinator - Clinical Trials), Catriona Parker
  • Acting Manger (Policy and Project Coordinator), Esther Sadek
  • Program Support Officer, Tessa Penny


How does it operate?

Cancer Council Victoria's Clinical Network has established 11 cancer-site sub-committees on breast, bowel, gastrointestinal, gynaecological, haemato-oncology, head & neck, lung, neuro-oncology, sarcoma, skin, and urological cancers and four advisory committees on genetics, palliative medicine, clinical research and psycho-oncology.

It's a peak multi-specialty representative oncology forum in Victoria, and has forged key links across the health care sector and with government.

As well as coordinating committee specific activities, we also manage a number of advocacy and clinical trial projects.

We initiate and contribute to the conduct of research and implementation of programs and services to optimise cancer care. One of the clinical network's objectives is to advise the Cancer Council on all clinical aspects of cancer and in particular, on research, prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, palliative medicine and professional education.

Members volunteer their time and expertise. We coordinate a number of forums, seminars and workshops for members and non members.

How do I become a member?

Membership is inclusive and open to health professionals with an interest in oncology. Email clinicalnetwork@cancervic.org.au or phone (03) 9514 6304 for more information.


Established initally as Victorian Co-operative Oncology Group in 1976, we changed our name in late 2012. Read about why we have changed.

   Clinical Network Executive Committee   
Est. 1980 

Breast Cancer Committee: Est. 1978
Breast Trials Sub-cte: Est. 1978

Gastrointestinal Cancer Committee:
Est. 1980

Gynaecological Cancer Committee:
Est. 1982

 Palliative Medicine Committee:
Est. 1988

 Lung Cancer Committee:
Est. 1993

 Urological Cancer Committee:
Est. 1994

Genetics Advisory Committee: Est. 1994
Hereditary Bowel Cancer Group: Est. 2000

Skin Cancer Committee: Est. 1997

Psycho-Oncology Committee: Est. 1998

Head & Neck Cancer Committee: Est. 1999

Neuro-Oncology Committee: Est. 1999

Haemato-Oncology Committee: Est. 2004

Sarcoma Advisory Committee: Est. 2006

Clinical Research Professionals: Est. 2007

Updated: 30 Jun, 2016