13th Behavioural Research in Cancer Control Conference

Day 3 Highlights


'Cancers and cancer deaths attributable to modifiable behaviours in Australia: opportunities for prevention'

To prioritise cancer prevention efforts we need to identify areas where intervention might have the greatest effect. This presentation will report the results of two projects commissioned by Cancer Council Australia to estimate the numbers and proportions of cancers and cancer deaths (overall and premature deaths below age 75) in Australia in 2013 that can be attributed to modifiable factors. The factors considered include tobacco smoking, inadequate diet, overweight and obesity, infection, solar UV radiation, alcohol and insufficient physical activity. Overall, one in three cancers and almost two in every five cancer deaths in Australia can be attributed to known modifiable factors and are, therefore, potentially preventable. 

Professor Penny Webb


'Imperatives for the Cancer Charity Sector - global perspectives; local actions'

Cancer is a global health and social issue and one of rising inequity. Low and middle income countries are increasingly bearing the burden of cancer as life expectancy rises and cancer becomes more common. By 2025 it is predicted that 77% of all cancer deaths will occur in low and middle income countries that have only 5% of global cancer spending. This reality leads to startling comparisons, such as an 80% survival from childhood cancer in Australia against 20% in sub-Saharan Africa. Taking a global perspective focused on an equity agenda also has the potential to help us understand inequality in cancer outcomes in high resource environments and speaks to a new advocacy agenda. This presentation will explore the critical role of cancer charities in shaping global and local health policy in ways that resist populist demands for more drugs and more technology, instead focusing on the evidence needed to support health policy agendas aimed at improving cancer outcomes for all.  

Professor Sanchia Aranda


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