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Monday 7 April, 2014
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What Cancer Council project involves a group of people large enough to fill the MCG?


Cancer Council's, Australian Breakthrough Cancer (ABC) study.

The Cancer Council is currently recruiting up to 100,000 volunteers to participate in one of Australia's largest ever cancer studies.

The ABC study will allow new discoveries in behavioural and environmental risk factors for cancer.  These discoveries will enable researchers to develop and refine effective and targeted public health messages and cancer prevention strategies.

With the advancements in genetics that have taken place over the last decade, the study will aim to make breakthroughs in identifying genetic risks for cancer. Advances in the identification of genes involved in cancer formation can have an immediate impact, particularly in regard to aggressive cancers.

The study will also be highly relevant in assessing and developing methods which help control genes.  This is an important area of research because it involves modifiable processes which affect the genes and therefor provide strong potential for new drug treatments and other preventive approaches.

Participants will provide DNA samples via blood or saliva, as well as complete questionnaires based on family history, diet, health and lifestyle. 

The ABC study is a long term study.  It is expected that by 2016 we will have collected all the data required.  Our Cancer Epidemiology Centre (CEC), led by Professor Graham Giles, will then track the health of participants over a number of years, and build a large set of health related information essential for making breakthroughs in the prevention of cancer.

Get involved:

Do you want to join Cancer Council in the fight against cancer?

We are after up to 100,000 volunteers to take part in our ABC study.  If you're an Australian resident aged 40 to 74 years of age and you've never had cancer, other than non-melanoma skin cancer, YOU CAN TAKE PART.

The ABC study will commence in October 2014, and if you are interested in taking part you can register your interest at We will contact you closer to the date.

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Updated: 07 Apr, 2014