Webinar: Cognitive effects of brain cancers

Presented on Tuesday 27 October 2015  

Brain tumours of all types present a number of challenging issues, for people diagnosed and their families. In addition to the physical and emotional health demands of the cancer experience, other changes affect thinking and memory, personality, speech and an ability to find words in conversation.

Accessing quality information can ease anxiety and help people continue doing the things they want to do. In this webinar, expert presenters discuss the kinds of cognitive effects and the practical strategies for managing them. Topics discussed include:

  • an overview of cognitive changes that may occur
  • exploring issues such as fatigue, sensory overload, changes to cognitive processing, word finding and loss of speech
  • practical suggestions about how individuals and their families can manage these changes
  • how to access reliable information, helpful programs and resources.

Updated: 22 Jun, 2016