Living with cancer

This information is for people with cancer and their families and friends. It's about the feelings and experiences people have when they're diagnosed and treated for cancer, and while recovering from cancer treatment.

Cancer Council 13 11 20 nurses can discuss these issues with you, and link you to appropriate support services.


Understand the common reactions people have when they are diagnosed with cancer and suggestions for adjusting to the diagnosis.


Understand more about grief when someone close to you has died from cancer.


Understand more about nutrition and eating well during and after cancer treatment.


Understand the importance of exercise, and the benefits of exercise during and after cancer treatment, including tips and example exercise techniques.

Sexuality and intimacy

Information and tips for people with cancer and their partners to help understand and deal with the ways cancer and its treatment may affect your sexuality.

Caring for someone

Information and tips for people who are looking after someone with cancer, so that you can manage your emotional and physical needs and those of the person you are caring for.

Living well after cancer

Information to assist you with the emotional, physical, practical, spiritual and social challenges you may face now that treatment has finished.

Cancer care and your rights

What you can reasonably expect of the health care system and your treatment team, basic information about insurance and workplace rights, and practical issues such as paying for treatment, finding a specialist and accessing community services.

Talking to kids about cancer

This section isn’t designed to tell you exactly what to say, but we hope it gives you a starting point.


After a cancer diagnosis, many people worry about how they will manage the financial impact.

Learning to relax

Tips for ways to cope with the emotional impact of cancer.


Sometimes cancer and its treatment can affect a person’s fertility. Understand how to preserve your fertility before treatment and protect it during treatment, and your options after treatment.

Parking at cancer treatment centres

Addressing the issue of car parking at Victorian cancer treatment centres.

Special occasions and celebrations

Practical tips for special occasions and celebrations.

Updated: 16 Mar, 2016