Effects of Hormones and Drugs

Survival Cancer in Victoria 1982-2004

The Role of Mutagenesis and Epimutagenesis in Childhood Neoplasms

Inhibiting Bcl-2 proteins for cancer therapy

Biochemical and Morphological Studies of Plasma Membrane Isolated from Liver of Rats Treated with Chemical Carcinogens

Biochemical Differences Between Normal and Malignant Cells

Effects of Hormones on Cell Growth and Dormancy

Survival in Victorian women following breast cancer

Discovery of new colon cancer genes predictive for outcome

Hippo patheway molecules as new targets for cancer treatment

Development of automated measures from mammograms that predict masking and risk and pilot implementation into a BreastScreen service

Effects of Progesterone on DMBA Mammary Carcinogenesis in the Rat

Synergising Growth Factors and Haemopoietic Organisation

The Role of Nutritional Support During Intensive Chemotherapy in: Remission Induction in Acute Leukaemia and Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung

A collaboration to drive clinically meaningful research into mesothelioma

Biological Activity and Interaction with DNA of Agents Containing a Diamine Coordinated PtCl2 Moiety Linked to Acridines

Inappropriate Mucin Production in Neoplasia, Dysplasia and Metaplasia. Detection by Immunofluorescence and Radio-Immunoassay

Exploring new molecular targets on plasma cells as therapies for multiple myeloma

Biological and Chemical Transformation of New Platinum Anticancer Agents

Effects of smokefree nightclubs and pubs on smoking behaviour

Income inequality, social capital and smoking

Blocking the spread of breast cancer using a protein-based therapy

Identifying initiating cells in leukaemia

Role of the protein kinase AKT3 in cancer

PI3K inhibitors for the treatment of ovarian cancer

Induction of Congenital Abnormalities in Rats by Antenatal Administration of Dimethylnitrosamine and Heliotrine

The role of Platelets in Tumour Metastases

Effects of Tumour Necrosis Factor and Platelet Activating Factor on Tumour Microvasculature

The role of spatial cell organisation in cancer

Alloimmunisation to Platelet Transfusions in Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Amines and Peptides in Anorexia Cachexia

Biopsy Cannula

Bis-Intercalating Derivatives of Adriamycin

Bone Marrow Transplant Enteritis and the Role of Micro-organisms

Treating prostate cancer by protecting the mechanism for cancer suppression

The IMPACT Study

Breast Cancer Growth and Metastasis: Effects of Hormones and Drugs

Calcitonin Assay in Medullary Carcinoma of the Thyroid

Effects of Tumour Promoting Agents on Nucleocytoplasmic Transfer of RNA Species

Proteins of Cell Nuclei from Normal and Malignant Tissues

Provera in the Primary Treatment of Endometrial Carcinoma

The Role of Specific Cell Surface Antigens in T-Cell Cytolysis

Cancer Chemotherapy

Cancer biomarker screening

Effects of X-irradiation on Cell Specificity

Psychosocial Factors Involved in the Onset and Progress of Haematological Malignancies

Constitutional DNA methylation: a new paradigm for predisposition to lung cancer

A web-based intervention to reduce distress and improve quality of life among younger women with breast cancer: a randominsed controlled trial (RCT)

PTH-Related Protein in Breast Cancer and Metastatic Invasion of Bone

The Role of STIM1, a Novel Transmembrane Protein in Tumours of the Nervous System

Cancer Gene Activity: Control of SRC-Family Tyrosine Kinases

Cancer in Domestic Animals

Efforts to Isolate a Cancer Metabolite in Urine

Purification, Structural Analysis and Radio-immunoassay of Pituitary and Placental Hormones

Pyrimidine Metabolism in Neoplasia

Synthesis of DNA-Specific Anti-Cancer Drugs

Molecular elucidation of Pl-3K/mTor pathway as a therapeutic target in inflammation-associated (gastrointestinal) cancers

Population survey assessing behaviour, knowledge & attitudes to cervical screening

Quit research and evaluation studies

Cancer in the Liver by the Use of Radioactive Beads

EGF-Dependent Alpha-v Beta-6 Integrin-Mediated Regulation of Colon/Ovarian Cancer Growth and Metastasis

Synthesis of Hormones by Human Tumours in Cell Culture

ACTANE (Anglo - Canadian - Texan - Australian - Norwegian - EU biomedical) Consortium. Search for high/moderate risk prostate cancer predisposition genes in the Cancer Research UK/British Prostate Group Familial Prostate Cancer Study, and ACTANE

Cancer in Victoria 2004, Canstat 42 (Nov 2006)

Electronmicroscopic Studies of Normal and Neoplastic Cells

Radiation Detectors

Synthesis of Parathyroid Hormone and Other Hypercalcaemic Factors by Tumour Cells

The aldosterone receptor in breast cancer

SNAC2: A randomised trial of extending sentinel node based management to women with larger or multifocal breast cancers

Cancer of the Rectum

Effects of plain packaging on perceptions of brand image

Tobacco-related news coverage: trends & effects

Studies on an essential factor for gut growth

Cancer of the Breast

Influence of Distal Colonic Fermentation on Development of Bowel Cancer

The Role of the EWS/FLI-1 Gene in Ewings Sarcoma and the Biological Function of the EWS Gene

Point of sale advertising & promotion

Amino Acid Sequence of an Antigen which Reacts with Lymphocytes from Patients with Cancer


The Role of the Proto-Oncogene PU.1 in Haemopoiesis

Impact of anti-smoking ads on smokers of lower socio-economic status

Colon cancer biomarkers

Cancer Pathology in Animal Specimens

Canine Tumours

Canine Neoplasms

Canine Obstructive Lymphoedema

Electron Microscopy in Liver Disease

Electron Microscopy of Mycetozoa

Inhibition of Colon Tumours by a Prostaglandin Synthesis Inhibitor

The Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors in the Metastatic Spread of Cancer

Impact of mass media campaigns & tobacco policies on monthly Australia adult smoking prevalence

The role of glucose in response to cancer treatment

Canine Ovarian Tumours

Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF) Binding Protein 6 and IGF II Dependent Tumours

The molecular basis of cancer development and drug resistance

Analysis of Human V ErB-B Related Proteins

Carcinogen-binding Proteins

Carcinogenesis and Teratogenesis

Carcinogenic Action of Dimethylnitrosamine

Carcinoma of Lung

Integrating mass disseminable cessation aids: telephone and Internet

Understanding & redressing high smoking prevalence in low socio-economic populations

Upstream signalling in the Hippo tumour suppressor pathway

Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of X-rays to the Abdomen during Pregnancy

Carcinogenicity of Coal Tars

Electron Microscopy of Acute Heliotrine Poisoning

Interaction of Prolactin and Mammary Cell Surface Receptors in Normal and Neoplastic Tissue

The Role of Vascular Growth Factors in Solid Tumour Growth

Influence of narrative content & context of anti-smoking public health messages

Carcinogens in the Domestic Environment

Interactions Between Cell Cycle and Differentiation Processes in Normal and Malignant Osteoblasts

Reducing the burden of breast cancer

Pre-testing and evaluation of Quit Victoria mass media campaigns

Carcinoma of the Parathyroid Gland

Case-control study of brain and other tumours in adults and exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic energy in use of mobile phones

Electron Microscopy of Chronic Liver Poisoning by Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids

Targeting CDK2 in Breast Cancer Associated with Mutations in BRCA1

Analysis of the Interaction of the T-Cell Oncoproteins Sc1 and Lmo2 as a Therapeutic Target for T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Electron Microscopy of Diachaea Leucopoda Rost

Electron Microscopy of Lymph Nodes

Radiation Chemistry of Water and Organic Liquids

Television Project

Impact of graphic health warnings in population smoking behaviour in Australia

Endocrinology of Cancers of the Breast, Uterus and Ovaries

Endoscopical Studies

Targeting cell growth in BRCA1 cancer

Targeting of Anti-Cancer Drugs to Tumours Using Monoclonal Antibodies

Understanding the spread and growth of bowel cancer in the liver

Tobacco and alcohol use among Australian secondary school students (ASSAD)

Analysis of Thymic Stromal Elements in Normal and Neoplastic States

Analysis of tobacco depositions and trial testimony

Caveolin-1 Regulation of Breast Cancer Growth and Metastasis


Radical Prostatectomy Register

Television as an Aid to Diagnosis

Television Project - Endoscopy

Testosterone in the Treatment of Anaemia due to Bone Marrow Depression in Leukaemia and Allied Disorders

The Accuracy of Diagnosing Carcinoma of the Breast by Xerommography at the Royal Melbourne Hospital

The Action of Amino-azo Dyes

An Analysis of the Lyn Tyrosine Kinase in Myeloid Cell Tumour Suppression Using Both Loss- and Gain-of-Function Mutant Mice

Cell Culture Studies

Cell Proliferation in Colonic Carcinomata

Enhancing Ex Vivo Expansion of Primitive Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells by All-Trans Retinoic Acid

Internal Radiotherapy for Hepatic Metastases

The Roles of Urokinase Plasminogen Activator System and Osteoclast Resorption in the Development of Osteosarcoma

Effects of mass media campaigns, news coverage and tobacco policies on youth uptake & adult smoking cessation in Australia

Enzymes in Leucocytes

The Aetiological and Therapeutic Relevance of Chromosome Studies in Human Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Cell Specificity and Neoplastic Transformation in Organs and Tissues Exposed to X-irradiation

Cellular Histochemistry

PROSPECT - Patient Responses: an Ongoing Survey of People Experiencing Cancer Treatment

Randomised Phase II Study of Two Regimens of Palliative Chemoradiation Therapy in the Management of Locally Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Randomised Trial of Radiotherapy (RT) vs Chemo/RT for Stage I-II Follicular Lymphoma

Pre-testing of televised anti-smoking advertisements and media campaign evaluation in low- and middle-income countries

An Autocrine Role for Insulin-Like Growth Factor-II in Human Tumour Cell Proliferation

Cellular Glycolysis in Mongolism

Cellular Immunity to Cancer Studied by Fluorescent Probes

Cellular Index of Sensitivity to Ionising Radiation

Enzyme Systems in Leucocytes in Relation to Neoplasia

Enzymology of SRC-Family Tyrosine Kinases & CSK-Family-Tyrosine Kinases

Central Nervous System Infiltration

Characterisation of a Motility Factor Secreted by Tumour Cell Lines

Characterisation of the Anti-Apoptotic Function of P-Glycoprotein

Epidemiological Differences Between Human Papillomavirus Positive and Negative Dysplasia of the Cervix

International collaborative phase III trial of adjuvant zoledronic acid to reduce recurrence in patients with localised breast cancer (VCOG BR 2-03)

Randomised trial of regional lymph node radiation in women with early breast cancer

The aetiological role of H. pylori infection, dietary determinants and host genetic factors in distal gastric cancer: a prospective investigation

The Aetiologic and Therapeutic Relevance of Chromosome Abnormalities in Malignancy

Characterization of Megakaryocyte Potentiator: Its Relationship to Thrombopoietin

Chemical Carcinogenesis

Chemical Carcinogenesis in Adenomatoid Rat Liver Tumours

International collaborative phase III trials of breast cancer

Finding a balance: cancer & immunity

Chemical Composition of a Natural Cell-Division Factor

Chemoprevention of Colorectal Cancer: A Comparative Study of Standard NSAID Therapy and COX-2 Inhibition

Epidemiology of age-related macular degeneration in Health 2000

International Prostate Cancer Genetics Consortium

International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Study - Four countries

The Alteration in Dermal Histology in Relation to Age, Exposure and to the Development of Cutaneous Malignancy

Chemoprophylaxis in the Surgical Treatment of Malignancies in the Large Bowel

Chemotherapy of Malignant Tumours

Epidemiology of hereditary haemochromatosis

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor: Function and Regulation

International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Study - Ireland

International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Study - Product studies

Recombinant DNA Analysis of Lymphocyte Differentiation Factors Produced by Lymphoid Stromal Cells in Normal and Neoplastic States

Chromosomal Localisation of Cell Surface Markers and Their Role in Malignancy

Epithelial Cell Proliferation in Intestinal Crypts of Normal and Dimethylhydrazine-Treated Rats and in Dimethylhydrazine Colonic Carcinomata

Epithelial-Mesenchymal Interactions in Experimental Oral Cancer

International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Study - South East Asia

International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Study: China and Korea

Intestinal Tumours in the Rat

Red Cell Glycolytic Metabolism in the Leukaemias and Myelofibrosis

Redevelopment of Victorian Cancer Registry system

Australian Ovarian Cancer Study

Chemotherapy of Malignant Disease in Children

Uptake of clinical practice recommendations for treatment of DCIS & experience of being diagnosed with this disease

Intrahepatic Administration of Radioactive Yttrium - 90 Microspheres for the Treatment of Hepatic Metastases

Investigating Aberrant Expression of c-Myb in Colon Tumour Cells

Reducing cancer patients' psychosocial needs: a randomised controlled trial

Reducing relapse for smoking cessation using augmented call-back telephone counselling

Targeting HER2+ breast cancer with novel combination therapies

Can a peer support program for women with an altered gene for cancer reduce distress? A randomised controlled trial

Investigation into Blood Chemistry After Uretero-Intestinal Anastomosis

Regional Perfusion Studies

Regional Perfusion and Arterial Infusion of Cytotoxic Drugs in the Treatment of Malignant Disease

Regional Perfusion with Cancer Chemotherapeutic Agents

Regulation of Activity and Subcellular Localisation of the Tumour Suppressor PTEN

Estrogen induced prostate disease

Translational research in haematology and oncology

157GD and 10B-Labelled DNA Ligands as Enhancers for Neutron Radiotherapy

Chromosome Patterns in Children

Investigation into Cancer Related Problems in General Practice

Investigation into Enzymes Involved in Pyrimidine and Purine Pathways in Red Cells in Adult Acute Leukaemia

The Study of Gene Action in the Fungus Neuro-spora crassa

Why does prostate cancer spread to lymph nodes?

Investigation into Some Aspects of Primary Lung Cancer

Investigation of Levels of Protein Bound 3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene in Livers of Rats Fed a Diet Containing 2% Chloramphenicol

Investigation of Novel Tumour Suppressor Genes on Chromosome 9p in Lung Cancer

The Study of Platelet Activation by Malignant Tumours

The role of LIM kinase 2 in the spread of cancer

Reducing the unmet psychosocial needs of colorectal patients: a randomised controlled trial (RCT)

Identification of new oncogenes in the development of acute myeloid luekaemias & myelodysplastic syndromes

Investigation of Rat Liver Regeneration

The Study of Primary Tumours of the Liver, from the Clinical, Pathological and Statistical Points of View

ESPAC-3 Pancreas Study

A new cause of breast cancer predisposition.

Chromosome Replication and Aberrations in Human Cells

Establishment of a Mouse Model for Colon Cancer

Accelerated first line chemotherapy for advanced germ cell tumours

Chromosomes in Identified Cells: A New Technique Applied to Leukaemia

Ethnicity, CVD risk factors, and CVD mortality

Angiogenic Stimuli for Pregnant Mammary Gland and Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Animal Models of the HLH Transcription Factors in Haemopoietic Development

Chromosome Studies in Cancer, and Pre-Cancerous Lesions of the Uterine Cervix

Chromosome Studies in Human Leukaemia and Other Haematological Malignancies

Evaluation of an End-to-End Stapling Instrument (EEA)

Chromosome Studies in the Leukaemias and Lymphomas

Cigarette Tar Carcinogenesis

Evaluation of a New Gene, Cdx2, in the Genesis of Colon Cancer

Applying new technology to find the breast cancer gene on chromosome 4

Assessing other forms of media influences on sun protection behaviour

An Investigation in the Control of Melanophores: Factors Affecting the Production of Melanomas

Circumventing Multidrug Resistance to Taxanes in Chemotherapy

IMPROVE - Improving Management by Participatory Research in Oncology: the Victorian Experiment

The Study of Tumour Derived Platelet Proaggregant Factor

An Investigation into the General Features, Histological Characters and Life History of Malignant Tumours of the Kidney

An Investigation into the Role of Tissue Collagenase in the Invasion of Neoplasms

Evaluation of the PapScreen program

Examination of Chromosome Patterns in Infants and Children with Developmental Anomalies and Leukaemia;

The Targeting of Cytotoxic Agents to Human Lymphocytes, Breast Carcinoma, Melanoma and Colon Carcinoma by Monoclonal Antibodies

Program evaluations for SunSmart

An Investigation into the Value of Immunotherapy in Prolonging Remission in Leukaemia

Evaluation of moecules termed UBCs and E3s as targets for cancer therapy

Dynamic EMT & MET in breast cancer

Tetraspanin proteins and the immune reponse

Investigation of the Biosynthesis, Secretion and Metabolism of Steroid Hormones

Cancer of the Uterus

HSF-1 and Cancer Metastasis

Clinicopathologic Relevance of Thymidine Kinase Activity in Human Breast Cancer

Human dendritic cell development

Clinical trial question prompt list

Investigation of the Chemistry of Aminoazo Dye Binding by Rat Liver Protein, Using 14C-labelled Methionine

The Therapeutic Efficacy of Radio-Active Substances and Nitrogen Mustard

Modulation of pathogen recognition receptors by cytokines in gastric cancer

Collaborative Family Registry for colorectal cancer studies

Collaborative family registry for breast cancer studies

Investigations of the Effect of Chloramphenicol on the Carcinogenic Action of 3'methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene 3'-MeDAB) on Rat Liver

The Timing of Androgen Deprivation in Relapsed or Non-Curable Prostate Cancer Patients

Turning the immune system against cancer

GAPDH inhibits telomerase & telomeres in cancer

Collaborative open label phase I/II trial of the efficacy of ketamine for refractory cancer related pain (VCOG PM 1-00)

The Tumour Cell-Specific Nuclear Targeting Signal of Chicken Anaemia Virus VP-3: Potential for Anti-Tumour Therapy

A new leukaemia oncogene on chromosome 20

Frizzled function in the intestinal crypt & adenoma formation

The role of genes and genetic co-operativity in leukemogenesis and normal blood development

Evaluating molecular biomarkers of anal cancer risk

The effect of low oxygen levels in solid breast tumours and surrounding tissues as potential drug intervention target

BMP7 regulation of telomerase

Collaborative phase II trial for T3-T4 resectable rectal cancer of pre-operative pelvic irradiation combined with fluorouracil and leucovorin (VCOG GI 1-97)

In Vitro Model for Identification of a Tumour Suppressor Gene

Examination of Heated Foodstuffs for Carcinogens

In Vitro Modification of Human Bone Marrow for Transplantation

In Vitro Transcriptional Analysis of the Mechanism of Formation and Structure of Apparent Covalent Adriamycin-DNA Adducts

Understanding the cause of granulosa cell tumours of the ovary

Experimentally Produced Intestinal Tumours

Experimental study assessing children's reactions to TV advertisements for healthy and unhealthy eating

The role of regulatory T cells in reducing the effectiveness of a cancer vaccine

Isolation and Characterisation of NH-1.1 cDNA (a Candidate Molecule for the NR Receptor)

The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study

The Uptake of Radio-Active Iodine, with Particular Reference to Thyroid Carcinoma

Isolation and Characterisation of Leukaemia Mutants in Zebrafish

Isolation and Characterization of a Plant Cell Division Substance

The Behaviour of Lymphoid Tumour Cells in Diffusion Chambers

Isolation of Factor Responsible for Humoral Hypercalcaemia of Malignancy

Isolation of Progenitor Cells of Megakaryocytes from Mouse Bone Marrow - Analysis of their Properties and Studies of their Differentiation In Vitro

Expression of Brush Border Enzymes in Colonic Epithelium: Relationship to Cancer, Precancer States and Intraluminal Butyrate

Is there an association between Victorian secondary students' movie and actor preferences and their attitudes and intentions for smoking?

kConFab: A National Consortium for Research into Aspects of Familial Breast Cancer

The Use of Internally Labelled Pituitary Hormones to Study Loci of Actions of Rat Growth Hormone and Prolactin

An Investigation of the Application of Regional Perfusion and Arterial Infusion Techniques

Expression of Heat Shock Proteins in Tumour Cells

The Beta Globulin of Amniotic Fluid

Factors influencing sensitivity to a novel anti-cancer agent in incurable brain cancer

How does the protein hormone interleukin-3 regulate cell signalling in leukaemic cells

Langerhans' Cells, Skin Cancer and Renal Transplantation

Lectin Binding Affinities of Human Breast Tumours

Investigator of dose equivalence and therapeutic index for synchrotron microbeam radiation therapy

Collaborative phase II trial of neo-adjuvant doxorubicin and docetaxel in patients with locally advanced breast cancer (VCOG BR 1-99)

Leucocyte Antigens in Neoplastic Disease

Leukaemia in Childhood

The Use of Photodynamic Therapy to Treat Malignant Ascites

Understanding how blood cancers form

Colon Cancer and the DCC Gene

Colonic Cell Differentiation: Relationship to Colonic Carcinoma

Leukaemia suppressor genes of mouse and man

The Characterization of a Novel 108 kDa Inositol Polyphosphate 5-Phosphatase: Regulator of Cell Death

The Use of Polymethine Dye Fluorescence to Probe Cell Membrane Rigidity

Elucidating the regulation of leukemia development

Determining how a novel protein controls cell shape

The use of Porphyrins as Photosensitizers for the Treatment of Cerebral Glioma

Colonic Epithelial Cell Differentiation and Cancer: Influence of Dietary Fibre and its Fermentation Products

Biochemical, Histological and Immune Studies in Ulcerative Colitis

Public awareness of risk factors for cancer

Lifestyle media message-testing

Identifying better treatments for blood cell cancers

Leukocyte Antigens in Neoplastic Disease

Mechanisms that inhibit anti-tumour immunity in melanoma patients

Understanding how cancer cells become resistant to a novel treatment of blood cancers

Type 1 interferon regulators as prognostic markers and predictors of therapeutic response in triple negative breast cancer

Controlling coeliac disease & cancer

Colony Cell Morphology

Colony Growth from Polycythaemic and Anaemic Mouse Bone Marrow

Thrombopoietin Levels in Plasma

Thymic Stromal Cell - T Cell Interactions in the Development of T Cell Leukaemia

Liver Cancer

Regulation of blood cell growth

Regulation of cell division

Colony Growth of Rat Bone Marrow Cells in Vitro

Expression of the Viral Genome in Cells Infected with Oncogenic and Non-Oncogenic Adenoviruses

Regulation of Growth and Differentiation of Normal and Neoplastic Lympho-Haemopoietic Cells

Factors Affecting the Pharmacokinetics of Cytotoxic Drugs

Comparative international study of youth responses to anti-smoking advertising

Factors Controlling the Growth and Differentiation of Haemopoietic Cells In Vitro

Regulation of Intracellular Nucleotide Contents and Differential Sensitivity to Cancer Chemotherapeutic Agents

Factors Influencing Survival in Colo-Rectal Cancer

Thymidine Inhibition of Cell Multiplication

Tissue Transplantation

Tissue Transplantation and Cellular Immunology

Regulation of microRNAs in stomach inflammation & cancer

An Investigation of the Relationship of Blood Narcotic Levels to the Relief of Pain

Victorian Sun Survey time trends and relationship with SunSmart media campaigns

Friend or foe? Deciphering the conflicting functions of YAP in breast cancer

An Investigation of the Action of Adrenal Steroid Hormones

Fighting cancer using a genetically engineered immune system

Regulation of M1 Subunit of Ribo-nucleotide Reductase in the G1 Cell Cycle Block in Human Cancer

Regulation of Nucleotide Metabolism in Myeloma and Lymphoma Cells

Tobacco point of sale audit

Regulation of Protein Kinases that Control Cell Growth

Regulation of Ribosomal RNA Gene Activity in Chronic Granulocytic Leukaemia Cells

To Investigate Papillomavirus Carriage and its Role in Skin Cancer in Immuno-Suppressed Patients

Predicting the benefit of therapies for patients with triple negative breast cancer

Level of Protein-Bound Carcinogen in Rats Given Anabolic Hormone

Regulation of the Epithelio-Mesenchymal Transition in Human Breast Cancer Cells

Regulation of the Human Tumour-Suppressor Protein Kinase Chk2

To Investigate the use of Photoirradiation Therapy for the Treatment of Cerebral Glioma

Melbourne Mesothelioma Research Collaborative

Regulation of the Protein Kinase Encoded by the c-akt Oncogene

Regulation of the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase TCPTP

Targeting P13K/AKT-dependent cellular senescence to treat cancer

Overcoming resistance to bromodomain inhibition in MYC driven lymphoma

Liver Damage as a Result of Acute Heliotrine Poisoning

Regulation of the Tumour Suppressor PTEN by Phosphorylation and Oligomerization

Improvement of ovarian cancer models to support preclinical development of new therapies for ovarian cancer

LRH-1 in breast cancer

Liver Damage in Acute Heliotrine and Dimethylnitrosamine Poisoning

Local Effects of PTH Related Peptide on Growth of Tumour Cells

Lone-motherhood and smoking

The Composition of Plasma Proteins in Normal and Pathological Conditions

Liver tumours and the Renin Angiotensin System

Combined therapy of established cancer

Mechanisms of resistance to P13K pathway inhibitors in ovarian cancer

ProGRP as a biomarker for prostate cancer

Investigating roles for the FUBP family of Myc-regulators and their novel transcriptional targets in coordinating animal growth in vivo

A model system for assessing a novel target in cancer therapy

An Investigation of the Effect of Various Hormonal Stimuli on the Growth of Experimental Tumours

Fluorescein-Egg Albumen Staining

Tumour-targeted nanoparticles as sensitisers for cancer chemotherapy

Rational combination therapies for JAK-driven haematological malignancies

Developing new treatments for uterine cancer

An investigation of the Ehrlich-Hanske-Lettre mouse ascites tumour

A novel DNA repair protein that regulates chemotherapy responses in human cancer cells

The Continuous Local Infusion of Cancer Tissue; Mammary Gland Metabolism

Understanding the molecular basis of how SMCHD1 deficiency accelerates blood cancer progression

An Investigation of the Role of the ERG Proto-Oncogene in Cancer

Fluorescein-Globulin Staining

How does necrotic cell death contribute to colorecal cancer

A Novel Human DNA Damage Response Protein that Interacts with the CHK2 and PML Tumour Suppressors

Anthracycline Synthesis

Anthracyclinone Synthesis

The Detection of Ia Antigens and their Relevance to Cancer in Man

TRAIL-Mediated Immunosurveillance, Immunoselection and Immunotherapy of Cancer

Investigating the requirement of pro-survival Bcl-2 family proteins in leukaemia

Study of Leukaemia in Children

Fluorescein-Globulin Staining of Tissues

Transgenic Mouse Model for Lymphocyte-Mediated Cancer Therapy

Transition Metal-Mediated Syntheses of Colchicine-like Antimitotic Agents

Control of the tumour suppressor PTEN function

Mammalian reverse gyrase: a new target in the chemosensitisation of tumour cells

Characterisation of the immunological factors that influence the local & abscopal anti-tumour effects of radiotherapy in preclinical models of solid & metastatic cancer

Comparison of the Physical Properties of Cartilaginous Areas in Canine Mixed Mammary Tumours with Certain Normal Tissues

Longitudinal study in twins of uptake of tobacco and alcohol use

Transplantable Experimental Kidney Neoplasm

Compliance with breast cancer management guidelines and related health outcomes

Compliance with legislation restricting smoking in licensed venues in Victoria

Fluorescein Globulin Staining of Cancers

Fluorescein-Globulin Staining of Uterine Tissues

Lung Cancer Management Survey

Transport of Nucleoside Drugs in Acute Leukaemia and Other Tumours

Computerised Patient Education and Patient Recall

Congenital Abnormalities

Foetal Antigens in Neoplasia

LRH-1 as a target for breast cancer therapy


Regulation of the Tumour Promoter Target - Protein Kinase C

Treatment of Widespread Malignant Disease - Protection against Massive Doses of Cytotoxic Agents by Temporary Splenic Vascular Occlusion

Congenital Abnormalities and Carcinogens

Continuous Injection Systems, Enzyme Induction, DNA Transformation and Cell Biology

Contractile Proteins in Neoplasia

Regulator Genes for Differentiation of T Lymphoid Tumours

The Development and Application of Microlymphatic and Microneurovascular Surgery to Cancer

Tumour Cell Differentiation, Modulation and the Cytoskeleton

Macrophage Digestion of Yeast Glucan Particles

Major Abnormalities of the X-Chromosome in a General Hospital Population

Regulatory Factors Controlling Insulin-like Growth Factor-II Gene Expression

Regulatory models for tobacco control

Control of Cell Multiplication

Follow-up of Colo-Rectal Cancer Patients

Malignancy and Childhood Ulcerative Colitis

Relationship of Ionizing Radiation-Induced DNA Damage to Cell Death

Characterisation and prevention of "Stunning", a cytotoxic T lymphocyte inactivating program that impairs adoptive cell therapy against cancer

Tumour Cells in Transparent Ear-Chambers

Control of the Differentiation in Human Myeloid Leukaemic Cells

Follow-up of fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular disease occurring within Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study participants 1990-2006

Frizzled-7: a regulator of cancer progression and metastasis

Management of melanoma

Mapping and Identification of a Tumour Suppressor Gene for Ocular Melanoma

Relationship Between Foetal Secretion and Neoplastic Expression of Gut Hormones

Tumours in Marsupials

Tumours of Bone

Mapping the Proteins that Control Cell Multiplication

Mechanism of Action of Progesterone in the Genesis and Enhancement of DMBA Mammary Carcinogenesis in the Rat

Mechanism of Action of Cyclosporin A in Modulating the Multidrug-resistant Phenotype

New Platinum Complex, Anti Tumour Agents

The Development and Investigation of Microminiature Vascular and Lymphatic Surgery

The Direct Action of Growth Hormone Rich Extracts on Cancer Tissue Growth

Identifying new pathways driving cell growth which is fundamental to cancer initiation and progression

Antigenicity of Malignant Tissue

Antitumour Activity and Interaction with DNA of Agents Containing an Amine Co-ordinated Pt Containing Moiety Linked to Intercalators

A paradigm of genomic discovery – an investigation of the allelic architecture of height

Mechanism of Action of the Interferons at the Cellular and Molecular Level

Mechanisms for Modification of Human Acute Leukaemic Cell Behaviour

Investigating the function of the EBV-encoded BCL-2 homologue, BHRF1

Melanoma and the Hippo pathway

Kilojoule menu labelling study

Mechanisms of Action of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: Novel Anti-Cancer Drugs

Mechanisms of Cancer Growth in Bone

Mechanisms of Cross-Presentation in Dendritic Cells

The Duration of Action of ACTH on Adrenal Secretion and its Relationship to Dosage

Characterisation of a novel oncogenic pathway in breast cancer

Mouse phenotype-driven breast cancer risk gene discovery

A Phase III Study of Regional Radiation Therapy in Early Breast Cancer

Cancer in fruit growers and orchardists who use pesticides

A Prospective Study of Non-Melanotic Skin Cancer in Victoria

Biomolecular Fingerprints as Early Diagnostic Indicators of Ovarian Cancer

Mechanisms of Induction of Cancer of the Liver and Bone by Carcinogenic Agents

The effects of butyrylated high amylose maize starch on polyposis in FAP volunteers

Experimental research on effects of common junk food promotion strategies on parents & children

A randomised trial assessing a shade development intervention in secondary schools for adolescent skin cancer prevention

A Randomised Trial of Preoperative Radiotherapy for Stage T3 Adenocarcinoma of Rectum

A randomised trial of regional lymph node radiation in women with early breast cancer

Arresting smoking using interactive multimedia

Mechanisms of Invasion and Erosion of Bone in Cancer

Mechanisms of Photolysis of Amino Acids and Nucleic Acids

The Effect of Ischemia and Toxic Agents on Tissue Antigens

Non-classical mineralocorticoid receptor signalling in reproductive tissues

Mechanisms of Transport and Sub-Cellular Location of Photosensitizers in Brain Tumours

Medullary Carcinoma of the Thyroid

A novel treatment for heart failure in cancer

The role of the essential necroptosis effector, MLKL, in gastrointestinal tumorigenesis

A Search for Mutagenic DNA Polymerase in Leukemia

Membrane Proteins of Human Plasma Cells

Assessment of potential tests for anal cancer screening

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for endometrial cancer

Genetic redirection of immunity against cancer

Vaccine for Breast Cancer

Further Biochemical Studies on the Acute Toxic Action of the Liver Carcinogen Dimethylnitrosamine

Understanding how LRH-1 controls breast cancer development

Cost Effective Comparison of Staple Anastomoses Created by the American End to End Anastomosis Stapling Instrument and the Russian Model 249 Staple Gun

Membrane Proteins of Plasma Cells and Myeloma

Metabolic Basis of Human Leukaemia

Activity of histone deacetylase inhibitors

Public support for obesity prevention policy proposals

Developing lead compounds to target breast cancer by specific inhibition of the LM04-oncogene

The biological effects of synchrotron microbeam radiation therapy on normal and tumour tissues

Drosophila as a novel tool for anti-cancer drug discovery

Critical DNA Target Size Model of Radiation Action: Tests of its Hypotheses

Methionine Metabolism in Leukaemia

Can chemotherapy treatment lead to learning, memory and/or attention deficits?

Cryopreservation of Bone Marrow Cells

Cytochemical Diagnosis of Leukaemia

FZD7 Signalling in Colon Cancer

Methods of Assessment of Tumour Activity following Heterologous Transplantation

Destruction of liver tumours by heat

Cytosine Arabinoside Transplant in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Cytosine Arabinoside Transport and Membrane Fluidity in Acute Leukaemia

Cytosine Arabinoside Transport in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

MICA Expression in Malignant Melanoma: Consequences for NK and T Cell Activation

Structural linkage between ligand discrimination and receptor activation by interleukin-3

The Role of Scribble in cancer

GemOx plus RT and 5FU plus GemOx for pancreatic cancer; the GOFURTGO trial

Cytoskeletal Proteins in Neoplasia

Cytoskeletal Proteins in Tumour Invasion

Defining Aspects of the Mechanisms of Ionising Radiation-Induced DNA Rearrangement in Mammalian Cells

Delay in Initiation of Viral Infection

The Effect of Kinetin and Related Cell Division Promoters on the Growth of Plants

A novel telomerase inhibitor in cancer

Elucidation of the molecular basis by which the innate immune receptor TLR2 promotes gastric tumourigenesis

Heritabilty factors in cervical cancer

Macrophage Function in Lung Cancer Patients

Breast cancer cells suppress immune defence pathways in order to spread to bone

Improvement of ovarian cancer models to support preclinical development of new therapies for ovarian cancer

The Effect of Radiotherapy on the Incorporation of Bone Grafts

RNA binding motif 5 is a lung tumour suppressor

Cytoskeletal Suppressors of Oncogenic RAS

The Endocrine Effects of Pituitary Tumours

Upstream signalling in the Hippo tumour suppressor pathway

The role of ZBTB11, a novel transcriptional regulator in liver development & the pathogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Study of the preleukemic condition myelodysplasia in a mouse model

G-CSF-Mobilised PBSC Support for High-Dose Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer

Gene Action in Insect Cytodifferentiation and Morphogenesis

A novel telomerase inhibitor in cancer

Regulation of signalling pathways & protein trafficking by Lgl/aPKC

Role of WIF1 in bone development and cancer

An Investigation of Chromosome Replication and Behaviour

Targeting pro-survival Bcl-2 family proteins for cancer therapy: exploring & defining new applications

A structural & functional investigator into tumour recognition by NKT cells

Study of radiation responses in the body and cancers

Gene Expression in Cell Cultures Derived from Normal Rat Liver and from Minimal Deviation Hepatomas

Genetic Analysis of High Risk Breast Cancer Families

The Formation of Carcinogens from Heated Cholesterol

FKBP52 and Cancer Metastasis

Identification of novel colon cancer genes predictive for prognosis and 5-fluorouracil therapy benefit

Regulation & function of RIP kinase 1 & RIP kinase 3

Demonstration of Cancer in the Liver and Pancreas by the Infusion of Particular Contrast Agents into the Hepatic Artery and its Branches

Genetic Basis of Resistance to Chemotherapy Drugs

The Function of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-D in Tumour Formation

Novel approaches to understanding osteosarcoma

A specific molecule found in cartilage inhibits invasion of osteosarcoma

Design and Synthesis of Sequence Selective DNA Binding Compounds

The Gastrin Receptor, the Cyto-Skeleton and Gastrointestinal Neoplasm

Cancer of the Uterus

The Significance of Fluorescein-Globulin Staining

Assessing the acceptibility of alternatives to cigarettes

Designing Better Chemotherapy Drugs

The Growth of Bone Marrow Cells in Vitro Stimulation of Growth of Mouse Marrow Cells by Feeder Layers

Tumour Volume as an Independent Prognostic Factor in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Deciphering the role of the Hippo pathway in mesothelioma

Assessment of Breast Patterns on Xerography in Relation to the Incidence of Breast Cancer in Victoria

Designing Molecules to Modulate the Action of Oncogenic RAS

Design of Human Glutathione S-Transference Inhibitors

Genetic Engineering of Chimeric and Small Anti-Tumor Antibodies

The Growth of Bone Marrow Cells In Vitro

Twin Registry for Victoria - A Feasibility Study

Tyrosine Specific Protein Kinases in Neoplastic Cells

Using novel Fn14 inhibitory antibodies to treat cardiac cachexia in cancer

Tissue growth & the Hippo pathway

The Health 2020 Study - A major resource for prospective study of non malignant chronic diseases

Understanding how chemotherapeutic drugs kill cancer cells

The Histogenesis of Canine Ovarian Tumours Induced by Stilboestrol Administration

Detection of Ia Antigens and their Relevance to Cancer in Man

Genetic Predisposition to Human Colon Cancer

Genetics of High Risk Breast Cancer Families

Understanding the characteristics of cigarettes

Detection of Secondary Irradiation Emitted by Water

Genetic epidemiology of melanoma

Targeted antibody therapy for malignant mesothelioma

Assessment of Pharmacological Therapies for Smoking Cessation

Association of alcohol and HRT with breast cancer risk in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

Determination of Blood Volume and Its Application to Regional Perfusion in Chemotherapy

Determination of the Amino Acid Sequence of the Human V-ERB-B-Related Apud-1 Protein

The Identification of the Authentic Laminen Receptor

Effectiveness of HPV vaccine in reduction of vaccine types circulating among young women

Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-6 & ovarian cancer

Microlymphatic Surgery in Cancer Obstructive Lymphoedema

The steroid hormone, Ecdysone, affects Wg/Wnt signaling to promote cell proliferation via the zinc finger factor, Crol

Development and Application of Endoscopic Techniques

Development and Evaluation of a Transgenic Mouse Model for Anti-Human A33 Targeted Therapy

Development and evaluation of tools for dietary epidemiology

Glioma Management Survey

Microlymphatic Surgery in Canine Obstructive Lymphoedema

The Influence of Choline Esters and Biogenic Amines on Cell Proliferation in Colonic Carcinomata in Rats

Unintended adverse influences of advertising for nicotine replacement therapy

Urinary Gonadotrophins

Advancing personalised medicine for breast cancer patients

The role of necroptosis in tumour suppression & the response of malignant tumour cells to anti-cancer therapy

Immunotherapy of Lewis Y+ malignancy

Evaluation of Cancer Outcomes (ECO) project

Development and testing UV forecast messages to enhance sun protection behaviour

Development of a Murine Model Based on Gastric Distension to Study the Emetic and Antiemetic Potential of Drugs

Glucocorticoids and Lymphocytes

Microsurgical Transfer of Omentum in the Treatment of Obstructive Lymphoedema

The Influence of Epidermal Growth Factor on the Initiation and Promotion of Chemically Induced Neoplasia

Urinary Gonadotrophin Studies

Urokinase Plasminogen Activator and Osteoclast Systems Regulate Growth and Progression in Osteosarcoma

Use of Magnetite-Containing Particles for In Vitro Modification of Bone Marrow Prior to Transplantation

Mechanisms of Bcl-2 pro-survival protein regulation in normal physiology, tumourigenesis and drug responsiveness

Regulation of breast cancer metastasis by bone morphogenetic protein 4

Macrophage Function in Lung Cancer Patients

Development and validation of appropriate methods for the prediction of risk of future cardiovascular events in the contemporary Australian population: analyses of the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study (MCCS), Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle (AusDiab) and Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) studies.

Development of a Radiation Sensitive for Low Intensities

Development of a Technique for Distinguishing Between Lymphocytes from Patients with Malignant and Non-Malignant Tumours

GP referral to the Quitline

Development of B16 Melanoma Model in C57 BL Mice

Development of In Vitro Cell Lines in Human B Cell Proliferative Disorders

The Influence of Hormones on Tumours of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Lungs

Use of Retinoids and Inhibitors of Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecules to Enhance Mobilisation of Haemopoietic Stem Cells by G-CSF

Microvascular Lymph Node Transplantation to Restore Lymphatic Function

Variation in Androgen Receptor Function in Prostate Cancer

Victorian Cancer Registry

Development of Non-Invasive Imaging of Subsurface Melanomas In Vivo by Miniaturised Fibre Optic Confocal Microscopy

Development of Techniques for Effective Delivery of Cytotoxic Drugs with Minimal Bone Marrow Depression

Graft-versus-Host Reactions in Renal Transplantation

The Interaction of Daunomycin with DNA from Human Leukaemic Leucocytes

The Investigation of the Binding of Azo Dyes to Nuclear Proteins in the Early Stages of Carcinogenesis

Control of the tumour suppressor PTEN function

A specific molecule found in cartilage inhibits invasion of osteosarcoma

Renal Cell Cancer Management Survey

LRH-1 as a target for breast cancer therapy

Targeting cell growth in BRCA1 cancer

Repression of the Urokinase Gene in Tumour Cells. Role of Glucocorticoids and the RB-1 Tumour Suppressor Gene

Research into Biochemical Differences Between Normal and Malignant Cells of Mammary Tumours

The Isolated Perfusion of Tumour-bearing Areas with Cancer Chemotherapy Agents

Victorian Paediatric Cancer Family Study

Identifying drug targets for childhood leukaemia

Meeting the needs of men with prostate cancer using a consumer-driven multidisciplinary care approach

Association of C14 Labelled Corticosteroids with Plasma Protein Binding

The Measurement of Growth Hormone in Human Urine

The Mechanism of Action of Vitamin A and cAMP in the Inhibition of Growth of Osteogenic Sarcoma Cells

Victorian Twin Registry

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for endometrial cancer

Cancer associated fibroblasts

The Mechanism of Anaemia in Leukaemia and Lymphomas

The Mechanism of Inhibition of Experimental Colon Tumours by Sulindac

Improving therapies in colon cancer with a unique model system

RCT of adjuvant imatinib mesylate

The Mechanism of Photolytic Transformation of Amino Acids and of Heterocyclic Ring Systems of Biological Interest

National Sun Protection Surveys

A Structural Investigation into the Role of the Alpha-v Beta-3 Integrin in Cancer

Research on Soft Tissue Tumours

Retinal arteriolar signs and cardiovascular disease in an Australian cohort

Victorian Sun Observation Survey time trends and relationship with SunSmart media campaigns

Concordance of self-reported and observed trends in sun protection behaviour

A Study of Coagulation and Platelet Abnormalities in Malignant Diseases and Myeloproliferative Disorders

What role does emotional repression and positive and negative affect have in the onset of cancer?

Norms and the built environment: Use of shade in United States and Australian city parks

Regulation of cell polarity and tumourigenesis by Tetraspanin 6

Retinal Study - Establishing normative measures - analysis of retinal vessel measurement from images taken of the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study Participants

Retrospective study of patient detection of melanoma

Cluster randomised controlled trial of adolescents' use of built shade in secondary schools

Development of novel ways to detect ovarian cancer

Miniature Television Camera

Mode of Action of Antimetabolite Drugs: Investigation of Possible Carcinogenetic Mechanisms

SunSmart media campaign evaluations

Development of Television Camera to View the Inside of Hollow Viscera

Mode of Action of Nitrogen Mustards

Retroviral Gene Therapy of Brain Tumours

Retroviral Vector Design Using Cre-LoxP Recombination

Formative and intervention research on the UV Alert and other educational strategies

Understanding how changes in RNA splicing contribute to myelodysplastic syndrome and chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia

Dietary and genetic risk factors for age related macular degeneration

Molecular and Functional Analysis of the Chromosome 7q31 Tumour Suppressor Gene ST7

Molecular Basis for the Dysregulated Growth Control Through the Proto-Oncogene c-fms in Myeloid Leudemic Cells

Ribosomal RNA Genes in Chromosomes of Leukaemia Cells

Risk factors for breast cancer

Public understanding of Vitamin D and related sun protection behaviours

An Investigation of the Hormonal Control of Breast Cancer

A Study of Hereditary and Environmental Factors in the Development of Colorectal Cancer in Metropolitan Melbourne

Molecular Characterisation of Chromosome 9 Abnormalities in Lung Cancer

Victorian Cancer Registry cancer studies case recruitment

An Investigation of Hormonal Control of Breast Cancer

Diet and nutrition assessment program

Growth and Differentiation of Brain Tumours

Risk Factors in Colorectal Cancer

Role of Estrogens in Prostate Malignancy

When to treat relapsed or incurable prostate cancer?

Victorian Family Cancer Genetics Service Central Family Cancer Register

A Study of Metabolites in the Urine of Cancer Patients

A Study of the Changes in the Composition of Plasma Proteins

Growth Factors in Haemopoietic Organisation

Growth Regulation in the Monocyte-Macrophage Lineage

Molecular Cloning and Genetic Mapping of a Cell Surface Antigen Associated with T Lymphocyte Mitogenesis

Molecular Design and Biological Analysis of Antagonists of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor D

Risk factors for prostate cancer: a case-control study

Why one twin smokes and the other doesn't: understanding why children growing up in the same family develop different smoking behaviours

Xerographic Breast Patterns and Their Relationship to the Incidence of Breast Cancer

The effectiveness of tobacco control policies in high vs low income countries: Tobacco packaging & labeling policies: expanding the evidence on novel policies

Victorian Cancer Registry Cancer Record Linkages

Victorian early onset prostate cancer family study

Identifying drug targets for childhood leukaemia

Identifying drug targets for childhood leukaemia

Haemopoietic Growth Factors and Peripheral Stem Cell Collection

Role of a new protein (PIPP) in cell growth and differentiation

Role of cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase in Signal Transduction in Tumour Cell Lines

Role of Cytotoxic Drugs in Expression of the Multidrug Resistant Phenotype

X-ray Pelvimetry During Pregnancy

Young adults quit smoking project

Victorian Childhood Cancer Family Study

Intermediate and high risk, resected gastro-intestinal stromal tumours expressing kit: RCT of adjuvant imatinib mesylate

A Study of the Genetic Control of the H19 and IFG-II Genes in Development and Neoplasia

Dietary Calibration Study

Molecular Epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer: Australian Ovarian Cancer Study - Western Australia, Tasmania and a National Clinical Follow-up Core

Molecular Pathogenesis of Ovarian Tumours

Role of Fibre Fermentation and Short-Chain Fatty Acids in Colorectal Tumorigenesis

Role of Hypertransfusion in Acute Leukaemia

Intermediate and high risk, resected gastro-intestinal stromal tumours expressing kit: RCT of adjuvant imatinib mesylate

Diet, body fat, breast density and risk of breast cancer: a multi-ethnic prospective study of 24,500 Australian women

Molecular Regulation of Migration in Normal and Neoplastic Colonic Cells

Molecular Targeting of Protein Kinase Ca-Telomerase in Human Breast Cancer Cells

Molecular taxonomy of breast, prostate and colorectal cancers in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

Mononuclear Cells - a Source of Growth Factors for Normal Colonic and Malignant Epithelial Cells

Mouse Studies of Bone Marrow Cancer (Isolation of Blood Production Inhibitors)

Scanning the genome for new drug targets in cancer

Differential Levels of Physical and Social Functioning in Patients Treated for Haematological Malignance; A Pilot Study

Early origins of prostate cancer

Control of leukaemic blood cells

Multicentre Clinical Trial to Prevent Large Bowel Adenomas: Melbourne Arm

The Mechanisms of Anaemia in Lymphomas and Chronic Leukaemia

Identification of novel genes predisposing to familial colorectal cancer by full exome sequencing

Multiple Myeloma Cohort Consortium

The Metabolism of Transferrin and a1-Antitrypsin in Morris Hepatoma 5123TC

SAP180 and RBP1 are novel CDK substrates regulating the tumour suppressor pRb

Differential Staining with Fluorescein Egg Albumen

Muscle Tumours

Mutant Human Interferons in Topical Treatment of Cancer

SCOTROC4 - Carboplatin Escalation in patients with ovarian cancer

The Part Played by Smoking in the Imaginative Lives of Young Children: Production of a Preventive Program for Primary Schools

Discovery of drugs to promote the suicide of cancer cells

Distribution of Nucleic Acids in Cells

National collaborative phase III trial of timing of intervention with androgen deprivation in prostate cancer patients with a rising PSA (VCOG PR 2-03)

Role of Immunoregulatory Mechanisms in Maintenance of Remission in Adult Acute Non-Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Role of Kallikrein Enzymes in Prostate Cancer

The Pathogenesis of Cattle Eye Cancer

DMBA and Progesterone Binding

Health 2000-2020 follow-up

Neurophysins and Lung Cancer

Role of Lipid Mediators in Adverse Reactions to G- and GM-CSF

Role of Myb in Carcinogenesis of the Colonic Epithelium

The Pathogenesis of Conjunctival Cancer (In Cattle)

DNA Damage Produced by Radiation

Neutrophil Alkaline Phosphatase

New Platinum and Palladium Complex Anti-Tumour Agents

Effects of counter-advertising on parent/child susceptibility to junk food promotions

Does Butyrate Production in the Large Bowel Protect Against Bowel Cancer?

New methods to harvest transplantable stem cells from the blood

Role of Poly (ADP-Ribose) and NAD Metabolism in Cytotoxic Drug Sensitivity

A Study of the Gibberellin Content of Developing Mature and Dormant Seeds

DNA Modification in Altered Gene Control and Carcinogenesis

DNA Restriction Enzyme Polymorphisms of Immunoglobin Genes in Cancer

Helping the immune system to detect and fight cancer

New Radiomodifiers: Molecular Analysis at the Nucleotide Level in Intact Cells

Non-linear modelling of effects of smokefree policies

Role of Purine Metabolism in Lymphocyte Proliferation

Role of spatial cell organisation in cancer

Role of the Mammalian Son of Sevenless Proteins in Cell Growth and Cancer

DNA Transformation of Thyroid Tumour in Vivo

he Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factors in Breast Cancer

Role of the PIPP Lipid Phosphatase in Cell Differentiation and Polarity

Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Ovarian Tumour Angiogenesis

The Tumorigenic Effect of Overexpression of DNA Methyltransferases on the Intestinal Epithelium

Non-Specificity of Globulins in Fluorescein Staining; Non-Specificity of Serum Proteins and Fluorescein Staining

Non-Specificity of Serum Proteins in Fluorescein Conjugate Staining

Normal and Cancerous Development of Blood Stem Cells

Role of WIF1 in bone development and cancer

The Pathogenesis of Molluscum Sebaceum

NKT cell recognition

The Possible Inhibition of Mitotic Activity by Acute Renal Failure, with Special Reference to Wound Healing

Role of the TLR2 gene in stomach cancer

Epigenetic therapies for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia

Histochemical Studies

The Potential of Gadolinium-157 Labelled DNA Ligand as Sensitisers in Neutron-Therapy of Cancer

Defining a novel immunotherapy for more effective cancer treatment

The role of cell polarity regulators in mammary gland development & breast cancer

Are direct apoptosis inducers less mutagenic than chemotherapy drugs?

Histochemistry of Normal and Tumour Tissues

Histochemistry of the Reticulo - Endothelial System

Novel DNA Binding Radiomodifiers: Molecular Evaluation in Intact Cells

Nucleic Acids in Normal and Tumour Cells

The Potential Role of Cytotoxic Lymphocytes in Tumour Immunotherapy

HLA Genetics, HSV-2 Immunity and Cervical Cancer

Hormonal Control of Tumours of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Lung

The predictors of colorectal cancer in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

The Production of Monoclonal Antibodies to Antigens of Human Tumours, Leukaemias and Lymphomas

The Production of Monoclonal Anti-Tumour Antibodies for Clinical Use in Man

The Products Produced by Heat on Foodstuffs

The Proteins of Cell Nuclei from Normal and Malignant Tissues

The Radiological Diagnosis of Meningioma of the Brain and Spinal Cord

Mammographic density of young women & their relatives

Gynaecological cancers in HNPCC

Double Isotope Simultaneous Subtraction Cerebral Scanning

How genes dispose to blood cancer

Investigation of Secretion and Action of Adrenal Steroid Hormones

Identify the best anti-tumour T cell responses to optimise future vaccine

Understanding the mechanism of action of PI3-kinase mutations

Hormonal Influence on DMBA Mammary Carcinogenesis in the Rat

Hormonal Influences on Experimental Breast Carcinogenesis

Hormonal Influences on 7,12-Dimethylbenz a) Anthracene (DMBA) Mammary Carcinogenesis in the Rat

Investigation of the Secretion and Action of Adrenal Steroid Hormones

Development of targeted therapies for cancer

How do proteins regulate cell behaviour?

Why is immune therapy more effective against some tumours & not others?

ECHIDNAS (Epidemiology of Chronic Disease, Health Interventions and DNA Studies)

Ectopic Hormone Production in Neoplasia

Hormonal Influences on 9, 10-Dimethyl-1, 2-Benzanthracene (DMBA) Mammary Carcinogenesis in the Rat

Oncogenes, Inositol Lipids and Cell Proliferation

Hormonal Influences on DMBA Mammary Carcinogenesis in the Rat

Ontogeny of Immunoglobulins in the Developing Chick

Meeting the needs of men with prostate cancer using a consumer-driven multidisciplinary care approach

New roles for the FoxP3 molecule in regulating the immune response and controlling anti-cancer immunity

A phase III trial comparing adjuvant versus salvage radiotherapy for high risk patients post radical prostatectomy

Identifying commonality amongst T cell oncogenes

Drug Resistance in Adult Acute Leukaemia

Identification of novel breast cancer suppressor and chemotherapeutic drug sensitivity genes using shRNA-mediated functional genomics screens

PROSPECT – Post-operative Radiotherapy Omission in Selected Patients with Early breast Cancer Trial

Radioprotection by combination of DNA binding antioxidants & aminothiol radical scavengers

Optimizing Chemotherapy Schedules for Concomitant Use in Radiotherapy

Meeting the needs of men with prostate cancer using a consumer-driven multidisciplinary care approach

Pharmacokinetics of Anti-Cancer Drugs

Hormonally Induced Ovarian Tumours in Dogs

Effect of 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 on Malignant Melanoma and Colonic Carcinoma in Culture

Organ-specific and Cancer-Specific Antigens

Roles of a Novel Gene

Screening for Colorectal Cancer: Assessment of Family History as a Marker of Risk

Effect of Carcinogens on Tumours

Effect of Carcinogens on Foetal Development

Organ Specificity and Neoplastic Transformation in Tissues Exposed to X-Irradiation

Evaluation of Papscreen Victoria's media campaigns 2006-10

Evaluation of Papscreen Victoria's mass media campaign 2012

Second reminder letters for women 3 years after last papscreen test

Effect of DNA methylation on colon cancer

Effect of Inhibitors of Pyrimidine Biosynthesis Upon Mouse Leukaemia Cells Growing in Culture

Oxygen Radicals as a Mechanism of Doxorubicin Cardiomyopathy and Cytotoxicity

Pancreatic Cancer Management Survey

Screening for Colorectal Cancer: Evaluation of New Biochemical Approaches for Detection of Faecal Haem and Haemoglobin

Screening of Carcinogens

Solarium studies

Catch-up 2nd reminder for women who will not be reached by standard 2nd reminder

Strategies to increase HPV vaccination uptake in schools

Pap Smear Screening and Cancer of the Cervix in Women of Victoria

Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein in Skeletal Metastases of Breast and Prostate Cancer

Screening of Potential Carcinogens

Campaign to increase cancer screening awareness among intellectually disabled women

Pre-testing of anti-smoking ads among Indigenous adult Australian smokers

Pathological and Biochemical Effects of Cytotoxins

Peptide Hormone Synthesis by Endocrine and Non-Endocrine Tumours

Peritoneal Tumours in the Rat

Pesticide Exposure and Cancer in Fruit Growers and Orchardists

Search for Novel Tumour Suppressor Genes on Chromosome 9p21 in Lung Cancer

The Regulation Between Rates of Growth and Albumin Synthesis in Minimal Deviation Hepatoma

Tobacco and alcohol use among Victoria secondary school students

A targeting signal specific to tumour cells

2005, 2006 Pathways from socio-economic status to smoking behaviour

Search for Tumour Suppressor Genes on Chromosome 9p in Lung Cancer

The Regulation of Aromatic Biosyntheses - A Model for the Control of Complex Biosynthetic Pathways

Victorian adult smoking population surveys

Using a novel anti-CCL2 antibody to enhance anti-tumour therapy

Pharmacokinetics of High Methotrexate Therapy; An Aid to Treatment

Secretion and Action of Steroid Hormones

Selective Targeting of Cytotoxic Drugs to Tumours Using Monoclonal Antibodies

Serum Inhibin and Ovarian Cancer

The Regulation of Cell Growth by Intracellular Messenger Molecules

What genes control the establishment of breast cancer metastases to the lung and bone?

How does PTHrP protect cells against DNA damage, but increases cell death?

Effect of introduction of varying smokefree policies on respiratory and sensory symptoms of bar and gaming workers

Pharmacokinetics of High Dose Methotrexate Therapy: An Aid to Treatment

Pharmacological Investigation into Cancer

Shade intervention for secondary schools

Significance of PTH-related Protein in Cancer: Antibodies in Plasma Assay, Tissue Diagnosis and Treatment

The Regulation of Drug Resistance Genes by the JNK Stress Response Pathway

Patterns of care & experiences of care for adolescents & young adults (AYAs) with cancer

Regulation of Src in cancer

Effects of televised anti-smoking campaigns on smoking in the United States

Pharmacophore Approach to DNA-Specific Anti-Cancer Drugs

Phase I and II Evaluation of New Anticancer Drugs including Carboplatin

Phenotypic and Genotypic Identification of Marrow Cells Post-Transplant

Phenotypic Characterisation of Human Leukaemias and Lymphomas

The relationship beetwen tobacco use and plasma lipoprotein sub-class particle size and concentration as determined by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Hormonal Studies in Cancers of the Breast, Ovary and Endometrium with Special Reference to Oestrogens

How does the gene caveolin-1 control the spread of breast cancer?

Photochemical Properties of Porphyrin Derivatives for use in Phototherapy of Tumours

Photodynamic Therapy for the Infiltrative Low Grade Glioma

The Relationship Between Blood Transfusion and Tumour Growth

Improving cancer killing with live cell therapy

Photographic study of sun behaviours

Physiological and Pathological Changes in the Composition of Plasma Proteins

The Relationship Between Sodium Balance and Corticosteroid Secretion in Sheep with Autotransplanted Adrenal Glands

How does competition between cells impact tumour development?

A Temporal Histobiochemical Study of Some Aspects of Experimental Oral Carcinoma

Pituitary and Gonadal Hormones in Malignant Disease

Exploring how tumour cells are recognised by Natural Killer cells

Pituitary and Gonadal Hormones in Breast Cancer and Other Neoplastic Disorders

Pituitary and Placental Hormones in Malignant Disease

The Relative Affinities of Carcinogenic Dyes for the Proteins of Normal and Malignant Cells

Defining the role of the RBM5 gene in lung cancer

Pituitary, Gonadal and Pancreatic Hormones in Malignant Disease

Youth smoking and the media

Targeting Interleukin-11 to reduce endometrial tumour growth and metastasis

Investigating the role of the Epstein-Barr virus in certain types of lymphoma

Effects of current & plain tobacco packaging

How do the Bax and Bak proteins function to permit apoptotic cell death?

The Resistance of Growth Plate Cartilage to Invasion by Tumour: PEDF, a Potent Anti-Angiogenic Factor Regulates Osteosarcoma Behaviour

Contribution of platelet factor 4 to inhibition of metastasis driven by bone morphogenetic protein 4

Harnessing the immune system with epigenetic therapies to treat HER2+ breast cancer

The functional characterisation and anti-cancer potential of a novel subset of human gamma delta T cells

Non-chemotherapy drug combinations to turn on suicide genes

[11C] AG1478 - A Potential PET Tracer for the Molecular Imaging of the EGF Receptor in Glioblastoma Multiforme

A Transgenic Mouse Model of Glial Cell Neoplasia

Human Interferon Analogs: Anti-Tumour Effects

Novel therapeutic antibodies to fight drug resistant breast cancers

Identification of new therapeutic targets in plasma cells and multiple myeloma

Effect of physical activity in preventing osteoarthritis

Human Megakaryocyte Development

Humoral Factors in Liver Hyperplasia

Skin Carcinogenesis by Dimethylnitrosamine

Elucidating mechanisms of resistance to therapeutic inhibition of RNA polymerase 1 transcription

Hypercoagulation in Malignancy

Smoking in movies: does it matter who does the smoking?

SOCS Genes in the Mammary Gland and Other Organs - Potential Tumour Suppressor Genes?

Natural molecules that prevent cancer

Identification and Analysis of New Papillomavirus Type(s) Associated with Human Skin Cancers

Impact of deregulated HOXA1 splicing in myelodysplastic syndromes

Exploring the role of human Natural Killer cells in tumour immunity

Interfering with a novel immune checkpoint to treat malignant melanoma

Impact of televised anti-tobacco campaigns on enrolment in a smoking cessation website in New York state

Some Effects of Whole Body Ionizing Irradiation on the Cells in the Peripheral Blood of the Rat

Splenectomy in Leukaemia and Allied Disorders

Spontaneous Canine Neoplasms

Acquired resistance to CDK4 inhibition in melanoma

The mechanisms of cell competition that suppress cancer development

The role of SOCS1 in inflammatory disease and cancer

ESPAC-3 Pancreas Study

Identification, Measurement, Opacification and Treatment of Liver Cancer

Spontaneous Tumours of the Dog

Steroid Control of Gene Expression in Human Mammary Carcinoma Cells

Steroid Induced Defects of Globulin Synthesis

Mouse models to study the Bcl-2 family of proteins

Identification of Fibrosis Promoting Growth Factors in Human Leukaemia and Myeloproliferative Disease

Stimulation of Colony Growth Using Leukaemic Serum

Structural and Biological Properties of Human Placental and Pituitary Hormones

Structure and Function of Ly-3 in Man and Mouse

PTPN2 and adoptive T cell immunotherapy

LRH-1: a novel driver of breast cancer proliferation

Evaluation of moecules termed UBCs and E3s as targets for cancer therapy

Structure and Function of UV Damage Repair Regulating Protein Kinases

Molecular mechanism of Smchd1-mediated epigenetic regulation in B-cell lymphoma

GemOx plus RT and 5FU plus GemOx for pancreatic cancer; the GOFURTGO trial

Identification of Molecular Events that Regulate BRCA-1 Mediated Tumourigenesis

Structure of Human Antibodies

Studies in the Antigenicity of Carcinomatous Tissues

Studies into the Effect of Protein Intake on Pyrimidine Nucleotide Biosyntheses

Platform for Young Public Health Professionals to Upgrade their Science, Experience and Status (PLATYPUSES)

Polymorphisms in matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) gene promoters and their association with human cancer

Post-Translational Regulation of the Pro Apoptotic Protein BIM

Precancerous Changes in Liver Cells During Carcinogenesis

Studies in Ulcerative Colitis and Cancer of the Colon

Roles of a Novel Gene

Tumour cell suppression of immune pathways to enable spread to bone

Effect on youth of retail point of sale cigarette displays

The role of pericytes in promoting cancer and as stem cells

Effects of anti-smoking advertising and tobacco news coverage on smoking behaviour

Preclinical Development of Gene-Engineered T Cells for Immunotherapy of Cancer

Predicting the individual risk of prostate cancer in Australian men

Predictors of breast cancer in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

Predictors of cardiovascular disease mortality in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

Studies of Drug Sensitivities and Cellular Proliferation in Human B Cell Neoplasias

Studies of High Dose Prochlorperazine as an Antiemetic for Cancer Chemotherapy Induced Emesis

1,25-(OH) 2D3 Effect on Malignant Melanoma and Colonic Carcinoma Cells in Culture

Effects of Biological Agents in Leukaemia

Effects of Carcinogens on Inorganic Constituents of Cell

Predictors of healthy eating and physical activity in Health 2000-2020

Predictors of prostate cancer in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

Predictors of type 2 diabetes in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

Preparation and Properties of Growth and Lactogenic Hormones

New therapeutic targets for cancer

Natural Killer T cells & cancer progression?

Identification of the role of the gene, ST7, in cancer development

Preparation, Structure and Biological Properties of Growth and Lactogenic Hormones

Presence of Carcinogens in Fuels and Cooking Oil

Studies of Organ-Specific Antigens

Studies of the Lymphocytes in Neoplastic and Normal Lymph Nodes

The Role of a Novel Human Stem Cell Leukaemia Gene in Haematopoiesis

Structural Studies of Cancer Proteins

Transriptional & post-translational mechanisms regulating apoptosis in cytokine receptor signalling

Effects of Carcinogens on Foetal Development

Studies on an essential factor for gut growth

Progesterone Inhibition of Experimental Breast Carcinogenesis

Studies on cell killing in normal and cancer cells

Studies on DNA Induced Transformation, Drug Resistance in Mammalian Cells and Plasma Cell Tumours

Studies on Mammary Carcinoma

Studies on Murine LYN, a Member of the SRC Family of Protein Tyrosine Kinases

Studies on the Differentiation - Induction of Neural-Derived Paediatric Tumours

Identifying adult stem cells in normal and cancerous uterus

Image Storage

Proliferation of Thymus Derived Cells in Response to Cell Surface Antigens

Proliferative Characteristics of Human Malignant Lymphomas

Studies on the Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

The role of a Novel Suppressive T Cell Subset, Tr1, in Breast Cancer Immunity

7,12-Dimethylbenz a) anthracene breast cancer: hormonal influences on tumour initiation and promotion

Exploring new ways of activating the body's most important defense against cancer - the p53 tumour suppressor

Heritabilty factors in cervical cancer

Immune Response to Tumour-Associated Substances for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Cancer

Immunobiology of Childhood Malignant Tumours with Immunodiagnostic and Immunotherapeutic Applications

Immunodiagnosis of Cancer in Children

The Role of Borate in Plant Growth

The Role of Heat Shock Proteins in Thermal Protection During Clinical Hyperthermia

Enhancing activation and trafficking of T cells for cancer therapy

Novel approaches to treat refractory haematological malignancies

The Role of EphA/Ephrin-A Interactions in Cutaneous Melanoma: Effects of Eph Receptor Activation on Cell Adhesion, Mobility and Viability During Various Stages of Melanoma Progression

The Role of HuLy-m5 and Related Retrovirus Sequences in Human Tumourigenesis

High risk groups

Immunodiagnosis of Gynaecological Malignancies Using Monoclonal Antibody OM-1

Studies on the Regulation of Pyrimidine Nucleotide Biosynthesis in Hepatoma Cells in Tissue Culture

Studies on the Virus of Rabbit Skin Papilloma

Studies Using Agents Having a Selective Action on the Biliary Tree

The Role of Hyaluronan in Brain Tumour Invasion

7.30 Report prostate screening debate: does publicising medical controversy promote public confusion or clarity on health issues?

Activity of Carcinogens

Immunological Aspects of Cancer

Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation in Childhood. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia: Neuropsychological and Educational Implications

Studies with Radioactive Chromium and Iron on the Mechanism of Anaemia in Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myelosclerosis

Restoration of tumour suppression in prostate cancer by targeting the ubiquitin proteasome system

Immunological Characteristics and Monitoring in Childhood Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia

Immunological Diagnosis and Prognosis of Cancer

Study of Absorption of Vitamin B12 in Patients with Cancer of the Colon

The Role of Inositol Triphosphate in Cell Growth

The Role of IRF 3 in Tumourigenesis

A Trial of Aspirin and/or Resistant Starch in People at Risk of Hereditary Colorectal Cancer (CAPP2)

Attention Deficits and Slowed Processing Skills Following Cranial Irradiation

Immunological Factors in Neoplasia

Immunological Studies and Immunotherapy in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Immunology of Malignant Disease in Children

Prospective Clinico-Pathological Study of Colorectal Cancer at Alfred Hospital

Pharmacokinetics of Anticancer Drugs

A new approach to identifying individuals at risk of cancer

Acute Toxic Action of Dimethylnitrosamine on the Liver

Australian Melanoma Family Study

Immunotherapy in Leukaemia

Ribosome biogenesis and B-cell lymphoma

Virus of Rabbit Oral Papilloma

Adrenal Secretion of Steroid Hormones

Effects of Cisplatinum on Blood and Tumour Glutathione: Correlations with Toxicity and Efficacy

A Comparison of Normal Human Antibodies with Abnormal Proteins

Ribosome biogenesis and B-cell lymphoma

The Virus of Rabbit Oral Papilloma

Adriamycin-Induced DNA Interstrand Crosslinks: a Molecular Biology Analysis of the Mechanism, Structure and Stability

Autoantibodies as Reagents to Conserved Components of the Dividing Cell

Autoradiographic Study of Renal Failure Upon Cellular Activity

Immunotherapy of Acute Myeloblastic Leukaemia

Immunotherapy of Cancer Using Genetically Engineered T Cells

Advertising and narrative communication

Effects of Cyclophosphamide on Homograft Survival

Impact of Genetic Testing for Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC) on Psychological Adjustment, Screening Compliance and Decision-Making in Regards to Preventative Strategies

Impact of graphic health warnings and mass media compaign on adolescent smoking behaviours

Prostaglandins in the Pathogenesis of Malignant Hypercalcaemia and of Metastatic Bone Cancer

National Secondary Students’ Diet and Activity (NaSSDA) survey

Baldness Study - DNA from older women within the MCCS with no hair loss and younger women with more marked hair loss

Effects of Heliotrine and Carbon Tetrachloride on Rat Liver

Implantation of Human Tumours into the Anterior Chamber of the Eye of the Guinea Pig

Development of an innovative approach to treating cancer

LiveLighter campaign evaluation

Barriers to smoking cessation

Biochemistry of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors in Malignant Cells

Improving Targeting in Tumour Immunotherapy

Targeting proGRP as a therapeutic strategy for gastrointestinal cancers

How does Vitamin A regulate bone & blood cells?

Study of Breast and Ovarian Cancer after Infertility and IVF

Study of compliance of inner Melbourne solarium centres with a new Australian Standard

Granulosa cell tumors of the ovary

siRNA therapies for colorectal cancer

Study of the Secretion and Metabolism of Steroid Hormones of the Adrenal Cortex

The Role of Interleukin-3 Megakaryocytopoiesis and Platelet Production

Prostate cancer family study

The use of novel therapies in stem cell transplantation treatments for cancer

Sugary Drinks Tax Messaging

Food marketing with movie character toys

Protein Kinases and Tyrosine Phosphatases that Control Cell Growth

SunSmart program evaluations

The Role of Mammalian Scribble in Proliferation and Tumourigenesis

The Role of Mouse Son of Sevenless 1 and 2 in the Regulation of RAS Activity

A comparison of two different ways of combining chemotherapy and radiation in the treatment of lung cancer

A Co-twin Control Study of the Effect of Tobacco Use on Bone Mass in Women

Friend or foe? Deciphering the conflicting functions of YAP in breast cancer

Protein Phosphatases and Mitosis

Anti-EGFR drug conjugates for the treatment of colorectal and breast cancer

Supportive-Expressive Group Therapy for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Identifying and overcoming resistance to BCL2 inhibitors

Updated: 16 Jul, 2009