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10612 people have signed our statement

It’s time for the Victorian Government to protect our kids from unhealthy food and drink advertising near schools and on public transport  

A healthy childhood sets the foundation for a healthy future. Victorian children should be able to go about their lives in an environment that supports their health and wellbeing, setting them up for the best start in life.

Instead, the processed food industry spends millions of dollars every year to advertise unhealthy food and drinks in places where they know children will see it as they go about their daily lives, including on public transport and near schools. 1, 2

Unhealthy food and drink advertising influences what children eat, want to eat and what they buy. 3 Unhealthy diets put children at risk of cancer and other serious diseases later in life. 4, 5

In 2019, over 60% of food and drink advertisements on Melbourne’s public transport network and near schools were for unhealthy food and drinks. 6

All state and territory governments have the opportunity to remove unhealthy food and drink advertising within 500m of schools, and on public transport and public transport infrastructure (i.e. stations, platforms, stops and shelters). The Australian Capital Territory Government, for example, has removed unhealthy food advertising on all government-run bus and light rail services, and commitments from the Western Australian and Queensland governments will address unhealthy food advertising on government-owned assets. These actions will help to protect children where they commute, learn and play.

It’s time to put the health and wellbeing of our children above the profits of the processed food industry.

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A growing number of organisations and individuals are signing up to support government action to protect children from unhealthy food marketing:

Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO)
IPAN Deakin
Melbourne Market
The Community Plate
Australian Health Promotion Association
Colac Area Health
Cancer Council WA
The George Institute for Global Health
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Warrnambool City Council
Public Health Association Australia
Dietitians Australia
Filter Your Future
Health & Wellbeing Training Consultants Pty Ltd
The Good  Foundation
SugarFree Smiles
Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch
Nutrition Australia Victoria
City of Greater Bendigo
Cancer Council Victoria
Diabetes Victoria
The Good Foundation
Heart Foundation
Health Social Care Unit
Institute For Health Transformation
Parents' Voice
Stefanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation
Stroke Foundation
Victoria Walks
Victorian Council of Social Service
Obesity Policy Coalition
Sandro Demaio Foundation


10612 people have signed our statement

Kristie Smith
Rema Winikur
Dakota Rhys-Jones
Bruce Dearness
Monique Boatwright
Abdurrehman Nadeem
Naomi Gandler
Harsha De Silva
Carolyn Nicholas
Hannah Rubenach-Quinn
Clare Dickson
Cate Medcraft
Shane Anthoney
Charlotte Bartsch
Alice Pryor
Cecily Mason
Roshika Kumar
Lorraine Urlic
Rachel Badham
Alison Newbold
Rachel Conway
Jenny Forward
Kat Aabryn
Anastassia Demeshko
Tan Nguyen
Kate Pallister
Dimitrios Katsanidis
Sigourney Burley
Leisa Mcmahon
Alexander Barbieri
Maddy Salmon
Josh Pereira
Olivia Taylor
Andrea Stedman
Richard Harris
Samuel Brookfield
Nicole Johnstone
Melissa Deutscher
Wendy Mahbubani
Lucy Westerman
Hank Lewin
Johanna Hoare
Alex Mourt
Nicole Harrison
Rosemary Stanton
Michelle Jongenelis
Kelly Phillips
Emily Keon
Odette Carter
Cass Grant
Carmen Lacey
Ruth Barrett
Gemma Lamplough
Nicole Smith
Chris Passon
Yasi Wijesinghe
Keith Malone
Elleia Russell
Julius Canute
Jessica Evans
loretta marr
Josephine Dieni
Fiona Hart
Bhargavi Arjun
Arton Meka
Kimberly Visser
Divya Tummala
Greg Blampied
Daniel Taliana
Dominic Hegerty
Simone Howard
Greg U'Ren
Meghan McLean
Doug Gardiner
Richard Smith
Dinah Whitaker
Amanda Davies
Mike Purbrick
Vivien Malyan
Bianka Boyaci
Chris Valivaka
Namrata Thind
Ana Grayson
Fiona Gringel
Donna Wing
Sally Radcliffe
Natalie Beukenex
Nik Trainor
Bhaskar Regmi
Talos Solomita
Alison Smith
Soon Yung
Olga Birchall
Robyn Cara
Leanne Horn
Jess Nash
Natalie Williams



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By signing today, you will help call on the Victorian Government to protect our kids by removing unhealthy food and drink advertising:

  • within 500m of schools, and
  • on public transport and public transport infrastructure (i.e. stations, platforms, stops and shelters).

Together, we can stop the processed food industry influencing our kids with unhealthy food and drink advertising.

Read our statement.

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