Box Hill Prostate Cancer Support Group

Group typeEducational, Peer discussion, Fundraising, Social
Attendee type(s)Women, Men
Group stage(s)Newly diagnosed, Experiencing cancer, Life after cancer, Advanced cancer
Cancer typeProstate
Age objJsonGroup(s)65+, 51-65
Meeting timeMorning
Day of the weekTuesday


The Box Hill Prostate Cancer Support Group meets in the morning of the third Tuesday of the month at a central location in Box Hill. The group consists mainly of men over 50 and their partners. Group activities include guest speakers, discussion and social events. For more information, and to be put in touch with the group leader, please call 13 11 20.

Please note: Meeting location and contact details are not displayed publicly to protect the privacy and safety of all group participants. Call 13 11 20 for more information about a group.

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