Victorian Sun Survey time trends and relationship with SunSmart media campaigns

Lead researcher

Suzanne Dobbinson, Melanie Wakefield and collaborators

Years funded
1987 - present

The Victorian Sun Survey is an approximately triennial telephone sruvey, commencing in the summer of 1987-88. It interviews a representative sample of Victorians aged 14 to 69 years over summer about their sun-related attitudes, sun protections behaviours and sun-related attitudes, sun protection behaviours and sunburn on the weekend just past.

A series of papers and analyses have been conducted for the study analysing time trends in sun protection and sunburn in Victoria for the population and studying the impact of exposure to SunSmart media campaigns within population subgroups. So far, we have found that sun protection improves overall in the population in the presence of SunSmart mass media campaigns.

Funding Body

VicHealth, SunSmart, Cancer Council Australia, Cancer Australia