Victorian Sun Observation Survey time trends and relationship with SunSmart media campaigns

Lead researcher

Helen Dixon, Maree Scully, Suzanne Dobbinson, David Hill, Melanie Wakefield and collaborators

Years funded
1992 - present

The Sun Observation survey is a serial, cross-sectional observation survey of sun protection behaviours at outdoor leisure venues (parks; beaches/pools; tennis courts; golf courses) in Melbourne. 

It is conducted annually on weekends each February/March and we undertake around 4,000 observations each year - 1,000 at each venue.  The research program is studying sun protection trends over time and relationship to SunSmart mass media campaigns.

So far, we have found improvements over time in the overall amount of protective body covering used by those at leisure.  Additional analyses are examining use of shade over time.

Funding Body

Cancer Council Victoria