The Development and Investigation of Microminiature Vascular and Lymphatic Surgery

Lead researcher

B McC O'Brien (1970-1976), N Shanmugan (1971), G H D Miller (1971), R W Blamey (1971), J W Vorrath (1971), J W Vorrath (1972), J P Pascoe (1972), B Nicholls (1972), E F O'Sullivan (1972); A M MacLeod (1974, 1975), W A Morrison (1974), L A Sharzer (1974), P J Sykes (1974), G N Threlfall (1975), F S C Browning (1975), C S Haw (1975), P J Hurwitz (1976), L A Chait (1976), W A Morrison (1976)

Department of Surgery, The University of Melbourne, Microsurgery Research Unit, St Vincent's Hospital

Years funded