Can a peer support program for women with an altered gene for cancer reduce distress? A randomised controlled trial

Lead researcher

Victoria White (CBRC); Mary Anne Young (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre); Michael Jefford (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre); Bettina Meiser (Prince of Wales Hospital); Ingrid Winship (Royal Melbourne Hospital); Katherine Tucker (Prince of Wales Hospital)

Years funded
2008 - 2011

This study is a collaborative project with researchers from CBRC, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, The University of New South Wales and Prince of Wales Hospital. The specific aims of the project are:

  1. To determine the effectiveness of a telephone based peer support program for women with a BRCA1/2 mutation on psychological distress using a randomised controlled trial.
  2. To determine how feelings of isolation, unmet needs for information and confidence in risk management decisions relate to psychological distress and how these factors are influenced by the intervention.
  3. To explore the impact of providing support among support providers.

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Publications:  There are currently no publications for this study.

Funding Body

National Breast Cancer Foundation