IMPROVE - Improving Management by Participatory Research in Oncology: the Victorian Experiment

Lead researcher

Graham Giles (CEC); Victoria White (CBRC); Michael Coory (CEC); Jeremy Miller (The Alfred Hospital); Damien Bolton (Austin Health); Ian Davis (Austin Health); Ingrid Winship (Royal Melbourne Hospital); Ian Roos (Cancer Voices Victoria); Melissa Southey (University of Melbourne); Gianluca Severi (CEC); Miles Prince (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre); Simon Harrison (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre); John Seymour (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre); Michael Jefford (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre); David Hill (Cancer Council Victoria)

Years funded
2010 - 2014

IMPROVE (Improving Management by Participatory Research in Oncology: the Victorian Experiment) is a collaborative research project between the CCV's Cancer Epidemiology Centre (CEC) and CBRC. The overall aim of IMPROVE is to improve cancer care and outcomes in Victoria for patients diagnosed with less common cancers. IMPROVE is examining patterns of care (how cancer is treated and managed obtaining data through clinical audits) and experiences of care for patients with multiple myeloma, diffuse large B cell lymphoma and kidney cancer. CBRC will lead the experiences of care component of this project. The specific aims of the project are:

  1. collect information on current clinical practice in Victoria regarding the management of renal cancer, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and myeloma.
  2. collect information on patients' and carers' experiences of care, factors influencing care decisions and unmet supportive care needs across the entire patient journey.
  3. determine factors associated with deviations from best practice and the nature and extent of any unmet patient and carer needs.
  4. determine whether place of residence (urban or rural) is associated with differences in patterns of care, or patients' and carers' experiences of care.
  5. develop translational mechanisms to reduce disparities in service delivery and to improve quality outcomes in the short term.

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Publications:  There are currently no publications from this study.

Funding Body

Victorian Cancer Agency