Restoration of tumour suppression in prostate cancer by targeting the ubiquitin proteasome system

Lead researcher

Prof Ygal Haupt, Dr Shahneen Sandhu

Sr Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology, The University of Melbourne

Years funded

Prostate cancer (PC) is a major health issue. Progression to castration resistant disease is highly lethal due to treatment resistance. We found that, PML, a key suppressor of PC, is promoted for degradation by the enzyme, E6AP. Increased E6AP expression is associated with a loss of PML in PC. Here we propose to test the anti-tumour efficacy of blocking E6AP to restore the ability of PML to selectively kill PC cells. If successful, this will form a novel treatment for localized and advanced PC.

Funding Body

Cancer Council Research Grant


$100,000 per annum