Australian Ovarian Cancer Study

Lead researcher

Prof David Bowtell (Vic), Dr Anna de Fazio (NSW), Dr Penny Blomfield (Tas), Dr Nikolajs Zeps (WA), Dr Dorota Gertig (Vic), Prof Michael Friedlander (NSW), A/Prof Paul Harnett (NSW), Dr David Wyld (Qld) & Dr Margaret Davy (SA)

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Years funded

The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study is a national study on the environmental and genetic causes of ovarian cancer, funded by the US Dept of Defence and Cancer Councils across Australia. We aim to recruit over a thousand cases of ovarian cancer and an equal number of matched controls to correlate genetic changes in the cancer, and the presence of certain inherited genes, with response to treatment and outcome.

We believe that this internationally significant study will shed light on the basis of response of ovarian cancer to treatment and provide an ongoing resource for research into the causes of ovarian cancer, and studies on the response to treatment.

Award / Duration

Duration: 2005-2007


$69,993 per annum