Research Governance Unit

A tissue sample is takenIn 2016, total expenditure on cancer research was $28.2 million. This included clinical and biomedical work conducted in Victorian Hospitals, Universities and Medical Research Institutes, as well as behavioural, epidemiological and clinical research programs conducted internally.

Our Research Governance Unit manages our research policies and processes. It also manages the National Grants Process on behalf of Cancer Council Australia.

The unit has 3 key roles:

  1. Management of approximately $5 million per annum of externally funded biomedical research. This involves making sure the donor dollar is allocated wisely and efficiently and that research progress is monitored and is satisfactory. Our Medical and Scientific Committee, sub-committees and assessor panels help us with this role by providing their expert advice. Includes overall policy development and implementation, administration of all Fellowships, Grants, Postdoctoral Fellowships and Studentships.

  2. Internal research risk management via the internal research quality assurance and human research ethics committee processes and the research code of practice. Also includes the administration of NHMRC policies and incoming grants for the internal research units of the Cancer Council.

  3. Managing the National Grants/NHMRC liaison office on behalf of Cancer Council Australia. The NHMRC conducts the assessment and ranking of all the grants received by the state cancer councils. We're the primary contact and liaison point between NHMRC and the cancer councils. The NHMRC information, rankings and reports are provided to the respective funding bodies who make the final decisions on which grants receive funding.