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Research ethics and guidelines

Research ethics submission forms

New submission - Preparing an application

The Research Governance and Optimal Care (RGOC) unit is here to support researchers navigate the ethic and approval processes. We welcome any questions, please reach out to  

New proposals not previously reviewed by a HREC

  1. Complete the Submission form. If your submission does not involve Cancer Council Victoria researchers, we strongly encourage you to contact RGOC as early as possible to discuss submission to this HREC.

  1. Submit completed submission form with any supplementary documents (e.g., all participant facing materials, study protocol, privacy forms, letters of support) to  

New proposals reviewed by another HREC 

The CCV HREC supports streamlined ethical review as part of the National Mutual Acceptance (for research conducted in Australian publicly funded health services) and the National Certification Scheme as an accepting site for multi-site research. Acceptance of approval by an alternative HREC is discretionary.

  1. Provide with (1) a full set of documents submitted to the reviewing HREC and (2) a copy of the approval notification or letter from the reviewing HREC. 

Key documents

Approved research - Informing of progress, changes and events

Annual reporting/Final report

Annual reports (covering the period 1 July to 30 June) are required by the first Monday of September. Requests for extensions of ethical approval can also be included within this report. Final reports (for completed, discontinued or withdrawn/abandoned projects) can be submitted at any time. 

Annual Monitoring or Final Report

Amendments and extensions

These requests can be submitted at any time (i.e., do not need to align with HREC meeting dates).

  1. Complete the Amendment form (see the guide for support) 

  1. If the request involves changes to study documents (e.g., study protocol, participant facing documents), clean and marked (track changes or highlighted) containing updated version numbers and dates must accompany the request. 

  1. Submit the form with any supplementary documents to  

Reportable events (adverse events and protocol deviations)

Guidance documents and review procedures are in development. 


 If you have any questions or need help, please contact the Research Governance and Optimal Care Unit at